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Boiler Service and Repair FAQs

What Is a Commercial Boiler?

In simple terms, a commercial boiler is a pressurised system that burns combustible fuel (typically gas, oil, LPG or biomass chip or pellet) or uses electricity to heat water. This provides heating and hot water to serve commercial premises, and in some cases may be required as part of critical operations for the business. A domestic boiler has an input of up to 70kw, but anything above that is generally considered a commercial boiler.

Why Should I Get My Commercial Boiler Serviced?

Regular servicing of your boiler will prolong or extend its life and maximise its performance. This will help to keep your energy costs down and help to achieve any environmental compliance targets for reduced energy usage. Regular servicing will also minimise the chances of unexpected breakdowns, which can create additional costs, lost production and low employee morale.

How Often Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?

Most boiler manufacturers would recommend that their boiler is serviced on an annual basis. This is the best way to optimise its performance and guard against unscheduled breakdowns. If your boiler is large-scale or more critical to your business (ie. it is integral to the operation of the business) you may wish to consider a frequency of two or three annual visits. You should also ensure that you follow up on any recommended actions in-between service visits.

How Long Should a Boiler Last?

A properly serviced and regularly maintained boiler should last around 10-15 years. After this, the boiler may still operate okay but could be running inefficiently. With age, the boiler system could be working harder than it needs to in order to produce the same heat. A build-up of limescale can also lead to banging noises and eventually damage to the internal structure of the boiler, so it is recommended that, regardless of whether the boiler has been properly serviced or not, you consider replacing the boiler at this time.

What Are the Most Common Problems With a Boiler?

There are a number of common problems that can arise with a commercial boiler and which can be minimised by regular servicing. These include the boiler losing pressure, which could be due to a water leak or a faulty pressure release valve. If the boiler keeps turning off you could have a low water pressure or some air in the system. Finally, if the boiler trips your electricity there could be a leak in the system.

We’ve done a short video on some of the dos and don’ts of boiler maintenance which may help prevent some of these common problems.

What Does a Typical Boiler Service Visit Involve?

Of course, some boilers are different to others, but generally speaking, a commercial boiler service will follow a routine pattern such as:

  • A visual inspection of the unit, casing, pipework and surrounding area
  • A visual check of the colour of the flame
  • Opening the unit and inspecting the internal components and pipework.
  • Removing and inspecting the burner
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger
  • Reconnecting all gas pipes and valves
  • Running the system and test the components
  • Complete a full checklist, report and advise on any recommended actions

Do I Need a Service Contract If My Boiler is Under Warranty?

Yes, you should still have your boiler serviced and maintained at the same frequency, even if it is under a manufacturer’s warranty. This will be a condition of your warranty, which will be invalidated should you not comply.

What Accreditation Do Your Service Engineers Have?

Our gas engineers are Gas Safe registered and are also accredited to OFTEC. Our engineers have all the necessary qualifications required to carry out the high level of service our clients expect.

I Have a Multi-Site Business – Can You Help?

Yes, we have a network of qualified and accredited gas engineers who regularly travel between the various sites of our clients across Yorkshire. We have found that working with a client over multiple sites helps to build trust and reliability, but also aids consistency in terms of knowing how a business and its systems work.

What Areas of the UK Do You Cover With Boiler Servicing?

We can cover all areas of Yorkshire from the north, east, south and west.

Can You Service a Boiler If It Has Been Installed By Someone Else?

Yes, it is common for us to agree a service and maintenance contract on a boiler we have not installed. In this case we will inspect and assess a boiler and make recommendations.

Will It Save My Business Money In the Long Run to Have My Boiler Serviced?

Yes, for every £1 spent on maintenance of your boiler, you will save more than that on running costs and breakdowns. Eventually, under normal conditions, a boiler will start to run inefficiently, but servicing will clean pipework and free blockages to ensure it is not working harder than it needs to and effectively wasting energy. Regular maintenance will also prolong the life of the boiler, meaning you get more value for money from your initial investment and delaying the requirement to buy a new boiler.

What Types of Commercial Boilers Can You Service?

We are experienced, qualified and accredited to service many different types of commercial and industrial boilers, including gas boilers, oil boilers, LPG boilers, biomass boilers, electric boilers and steam boilers

Is Winter the Best Time to Get Your Boiler Serviced?

At Robinsons Facilities Services, we can service your boiler any time you need us to, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter! We do tend to find, however, that it can help if you choose to service your boiler in the summer to ensure that it is fully operating and ready for the demands of the colder months. This ensures that any remedial work can be carried out before the winter months hit.

As a Commercial Business Owner How Do I Demonstrate Compliance With My Boiler?

You should only have your commercial boiler serviced by an accredited engineer on the Gas Safe register. A Gas Safe-registered engineer can check your boiler, appliances and flues and you can demonstrate your compliance via the report the engineer will leave with you. Gas Safe engineers are the only people who can legally test and service a commercial boiler, there is extensive legislation surrounding this area and, in line with this, having your boiler serviced by Robinsons Facilities Services will keep you compliant with the UK Commercial Boiler Regulations.

As a Commercial Property Landlord How Do I Demonstrate Compliance With My Boiler?

Both commercial and domestic landlords must ensure that all gas appliances, including boilers, are serviced every 12 months by a Gas Safe-registered engineer. You can then demonstrate compliance by producing the service report left by the engineer upon completion.

Can I Speak to a Boiler Repair and Maintenance Expert In Yorkshire?

Yes! Robinsons Facilities Services are commercial boiler experts operating in Yorkshire. Call our head office today on 01423 226578 to discuss your boiler needs.

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