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10 Top Tips to Stay Warm This Winter

November 26th, 2021

Last updated: June 9th, 2023

As the temperature falls, it is vital for your health to remain warm and there are many ways to stay cosy without breaking the bank. This winter, with prices rising, it is going to be even more crucial to find ways to stay warm with many people feeling the pinch of rising prices.

Fortunately, there is some help and support available for staying warm this winter. Here are some methods for staying the right temperature during the winter months.

1: Have warming food and drinks

soup person
Keep your favourite hot drinks handy, there’s no better time to enjoy a coffee, tea or even a hot chocolate – the mug will heat your hands and the liquid will heat your body. There are some other dietary choices you can make to give you a bit of comfort and warmth. Instead of sandwiches choose hot meals like soup or other hot dishes.

2: Wear plenty of layers

One top tip to stay warm this winter is adding extra layers to your clothing, we lose most of our heat from our head and feet so why not pop on a hat and some slippers? Make sure to stock up on jumpers, winter coats and gloves! It may make economical sense. For instance, if you just want to heat certain rooms in your home, and then put on some extra layers if you need to go in another room.

3: Keep the cold out

Sectioning off parts of your home means that there is less space to try and heat. Think how much heat energy you are wasting if not all of your house is being used. Try closing the doors of the rooms you are not using to keep the heat in. You also could consider adding thermal linings for curtains which can help to keep the heat in. In a commercial building, a building management system can be a great way to ensure you are only heating the areas you need.

4: Leave the oven open after cooking

Once you have finished cooking and you have turned off your oven, leave it open. This will allow the hot air to escape and add heat to your room. Although you should never use the oven as a primary source of heat, especially if your appliance uses natural gas. Burning natural gas for long periods can increase carbon monoxide levels in your home, so this can cause a lot of potential danger.

5: Use a microwaveable wheat bag or hot water bottle

There’s a reason hot water bottles have been around for years, they are inexpensive products and can make such a huge difference when you’re cold. You can also get creative and make your own wheat bag by sewing dried beans inside a piece of 100% cotton fabric, before microwaving it for warmth.

6: Keep active

Sitting around will only make you feel colder. Movement generates body heat so it’s important to keep the circulation going and exercise, before you know it you will start to feel much warmer – just make sure you have the right kit for the weather!

7: Maintain the temperature

Keep the rooms you use mostly warm throughout the day. Use your heating timer to heat the living room during the day and the bedroom just before you go to sleep, utilise your oven when you are in the kitchen! Timing can be your best friend when it comes to reducing your heating costs.

8: Limit the use of your bathroom fan

The bathroom fan makes your space significantly colder, instead of containing the warm humidity. Open your bathroom instead after a warm shower to spread the humidity throughout the house. However, if your house is prone to mould, make sure to use the bathroom fan for at least a few minutes, ventilation is absolutely crucial and can’t be sacrificed for a bit of heat.

9: Spend more time upstairs

Heat rises, so during the colder seasons you may want to take advantage of your upstairs spaces, think about maybe moving your TV into the office or into your bedroom – this is also an excuse to snuggle under your duvet.

10: Check your heating

Having your heating system serviced regularly is extremely important to ensure it works well and doesn’t deprive you of heat during the winter periods. While this does require you to spend money on servicing, it is an investment for the long term and can save you money by keeping the heating working efficiently.

Operating 24-7, 365 days of the year, Robinsons Facilities Services can assist with boiler servicing and repairs. Please call us on 01423 226578 and we will keep you warm this winter.

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