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3 Common Misconceptions About Commercial Combi Boilers

April 27th, 2021

Last updated: June 25th, 2024

In a commercial property, boilers are essential, even if these are just for the basic welfare provision of heating and hot water. In some industrial organisations, boilers may be needed to provide heat and hot water for critical processes too. As a result of their importance, and the fact that significant investment is likely whichever system you choose, boilers provoke many different views and are the subject of much conjecture, and hence many common myths.

These myths relate mostly to combi boilers and age-old misconceptions about their functionality and practicality. It is very easy for such myths to gain weight and become accepted wisdom in areas where contracts and procurement aren’t always undertaken and secured by experts in the field, so let Robinsons Facilities Services cut through some of these myths and tell it like it is, ensuring that you are properly informed when looking to invest in a commercial boiler.

There are many types of boilers, burning different fuels, from biomass to gas boilers and they all have their merits. The idea that commercial combi boilers won’t do the job well is based on historical opinions that really aren’t relevant today.

Let’s dive into the myths

  1. Commercial Combi Boilers are Not Ideal for Large Properties

This is based on the limitations that some combi boilers used to have. Nowadays, the technology has evolved, and combi boilers have become the norm in the home as well as commercial premises.

Modern boilers can supply multiple areas of a commercial building because they are far more powerful than they were a decade ago. A bigger storage capacity also means you can store and heat water separately, and hence always have a readily-available hot water source to hand, so the downsides that discourage a lot of people from considering a combi boiler option in their building are no longer relevant.

  1. Hot Water Takes Longer to Appear with a Combi Boiler in Large Premises

This might have been the case once upon a time, or if you installed a combi boiler that really wasn’t fit for purpose. Nowadays, this is a myth based on old appliances and outdated technology that has been superseded since.

Modern boilers have a pre-heating functionality, which means you don’t have to run hot water for a few seconds before it comes through, it will be delivered immediately. You also have the option of turning this functionality off if you want to, as a money or energy saving measure or when you are not using the building. The key thing is that the decision is totally yours.

  1. Failure of a Combi Boiler Leaves You High and Dry

Whenever a commercial combi boiler fails, it is going to be an issue that needs addressing, but this is true of every type of boiler. The fact you will need to address the repairs is true in a functional sense, but not practically, because you now have a few options to mitigate and manage the disruption caused. Firstly, most modern boilers come with an excellent warranty agreement, usually for between eight to ten years. Secondly, you can agree a planned preventive maintenance plan and boiler maintenance with Robinsons Facilities Services, which gives you rapid 24/7 access to repairs and maintenance from industry experts and routine servicing to safeguard against unplanned breakdowns.

The best way to ensure peak performance and efficiency from a modern boiler is to have a system designed to suit your commercial premises and operations, and to have the system regularly serviced.

Contact Robinsons Facilities Services today and we can advise on both of these factors, whilst also helping to debunk any other myths you might have with regards to heating your commercial property. Our experienced and accredited engineers are all about providing the very best for your commercial premises and will be happy to advise on the different aspects of commercial boiler systems, maintenance, repairs, and how you can adequately meet your responsibilities when running a commercial building. We aim to provide peace of mind for all of our customers.

Working across Yorkshire, we cover North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and offer a fast, efficient response time to all breakdowns and repairs. Contact us today for all planned, reactive maintenance or emergency call out.

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