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4 Reasons To Choose A Gas Safe Engineer

January 4th, 2019

Last updated: January 4th, 2019

Four Reasons To Choose A Gas Safe Engineer

Every organisation likes to manage its costs and explore ways of saving money, but sometimes you have to face reality and simply do things the right way. Fundamentally, getting gas appliances and systems fitted or repaired by someone without formal qualifications, training, experience or approval, could be fatal.

That’s why the Gas Safe Register exists as a list of people and organisations who have the required training and accreditation to work safely with gas heating systems, cookers, ovens, boilers and other industrial gas equipment. The list is maintained by the Health & Safety Executive and acts as an easy reference guide to find suitable gas engineers.

But why is it important that we use Gas Safe-registered engineers? Here’s four good reasons:


A badly maintained or fitted gas appliance can leak, which could cause a fire or explosion. It can also give out carbon monoxide, which is known as the ‘silent killer’ because you can’t see, smell or taste it and it can kill you before you even detect it, so using a Gas Safe-registered engineer ensures that your work is carried out properly and safely, giving you peace of mind that the quality of work is to a high standard and will not result in safety problems.


In addition to the safety aspects of gas installations, using a Gas Safe-registered engineer will save your business money in the long run through dependable, reliable and robust installations that don’t break down. You may also save money through agreeing a service and maintenance agreement, which ensures ongoing support to keep the system operating safely and efficiently, provides emergency cover for breakdowns and enables critical accessibility to spare parts. All this could save your business money in reduced downtime and better productivity.


All Gas Safe-registered engineers carry ID cards that you can check and which include the areas that engineer is qualified to work in. But the accreditation also allows the engineer to issue industry-approved certification to demonstrate compliance and commissioning of gas systems they have installed. This documentation is often required for audit or insurance purposes, and a rogue gas engineer would not be able to offer you this.

Best Practice

Finally, the various qualifications held by a Gas Safe-registered engineer are recorded when they register, and the engineer has the responsibility to ensure the qualifications remain valid. They must be less than five years old, to ensure the engineer is familiar with modern systems, materials and legislation, and you reap the benefit of that, in that you are always receiving the best standard of work. An engineer can be suspended from the register if their qualifications are not up-to-date, and they can be removed from the list if they don’t retake the qualification to ensure it is valid

In summary, using a Gas Safe-registered engineer – such as all those we work with here at Robinsons Facilities Services – offers numerous benefits which address safety and costs and provide a guarantee over the standard of work you will receive. Please contact us today and we can talk to you about the benefits and what our Gas Safe-registered engineers can do for you.

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