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Air Source Heat Pump Servicing: Here’s What have You Need to Know

September 2nd, 2020

Last updated: August 11th, 2022

Heat pumps are a robust and reliable heating source, and compared to other more traditional heating methods, can also be cost effective and good for your carbon footprint. Here are some things to know about these heat pumps.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump works similarly to an air conditioning system, but is a renewable technology which uses outside air to heat a property and can also heat your water supply. Even in cold external temperatures, a heat pump can replace stale, warm internal air and convert it into fresh incoming heated air, all using an efficient form of energy.

It is clear to see why so many commercial properties are switching to air source heat pumps as a much more effective and efficient method to heat their property.

Air source heat pumps are expected to last between 20 to 30 years and require relatively little maintenance. Generally speaking you should also avoid having to replace expensive parts, in comparison to other forms of heating. However, this maintenance is very important to the long term health and efficiency of its operation.

Do Air Source Heat Pumps Need Servicing?

Yes. Like most heating and cooling appliances, to get the most out of your heat pump you need to make sure you get it serviced on a regular basis.

Servicing is an opportunity to keep the equipment in the best possible condition, but it is also a way to potentially spot issues before they become too damaging or require major repairs. In the long run, servicing your heat pump can even save you money as a result.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance of Your Heat Pump

What should regular inspection involve? A lot of people who get a ground source heat pump installed don’t really know much about how they work, and certainly wouldn’t be able to perform the servicing on their own. This is why getting a competent professional to help makes all the difference and can allow you peace of mind.

There are some aspects of the servicing (or at least precautionary steps) that you can take yourself, meaning you can perform things like cleaning more frequently than your servicing.

Your air source heat pump unit requires the following regular inspection and maintenance:

  • Filters should be cleaned and or swapped out
  • Coils and fans should be cleaned if necessary
  • Clear the unit of debris such as leaves and dust etc, as it can impede airflow and therefore require the system to use more energy to operate
  • Supply and return registers inside the property should be cleaned
  • With the power off to the unit, the fan blades should be checked and cleaned.

Additionally, if there is any issue that is clear from this servicing then it is a good idea to act upon this. A service may involve a report from the servicing engineer and they can tell you if you need to make any additional alterations or perform repairs as a result.

Annual Service of Your Air Source Heat Pump

As an air source heat pump service plan it is usually decided that servicing once a year is a good idea. Working with a company like Robinsons Facilities Services, you can include this as a big part of your maintenance schedule that means that you have peace of mind, knowing that your heat pump is checked regularly by a professional.

On an annual basis your unit will require a thorough stripping down and a more advanced audit and replacement of the internal components. This will pre-empt any routine problems, but will also ensure that the unit runs at optimum efficiency, as well as prolonging the lifespan of the unit. It would make sense to carry out this service in the approach to the winter months, when the unit is expected to work hardest and its ongoing performance is more critical.

The annual checks included in a service should include:

  • Ducts should be checked for leakage and repair where necessary
  • Filters, ducts, blower and indoor coil should be inspected for dirt and other obstructions building up and impeding airflow
  • You should measure that the current airflow is correct
  • Refrigerant levels and pressure should be checked
  • All electrical contacts should be inspected to ensure they are protected from the elements
  • The entire system should be checked for leaks
  • Reverse heating/cooling controls should be checked to verify they are operating as required
  • Moving belts and motors should be lubricated and checked for damage and wear and tear
  • Thermostat should be checked and tested under normal operating conditions.

Heat Pumps in Your Planned Preventive Maintenance Programme

Robinsons Facilities Services can incorporate your air source heat pump into an integrated planned preventive maintenance programme at your workplace. This ensures comprehensive attention is paid to all your critical systems and installations. Air source heat pumps can be maintained and serviced by our experienced and fully accredited personnel, who can work with you to agree a suitable frequency of visits, with a view to minimising disruption to your normal operations.

Our professional service identifies remedial issues and sets out a programme of recommended actions, always with a view to maintaining the efficiency of the system and providing a cost effective management of an important asset to your organisation, to keep it running at full potential.

Contact us today and we can meet with you to discuss adding air source heat pumps to your planned preventive maintenance programme.

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