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Arctic Temperatures Mark the End of 2019

December 2nd, 2019

Last updated: June 9th, 2023

Whilst we generally have a milder climate in the UK compared to many other places in the world, our weather can be unpredictable and it can certainly change very quickly so you have to be prepared for these dramatic changes, particularly in the winter.

The Met Office are predicting an imminent Arctic Blast and it could develop into one of the coldest winters in recent memory, so being prepared means checking your boiler is ready for the demands of the chilly weather over a prolonged period. If you’ve not take the time to spring clean your building, now is the right time.

Of course the first thing you should do is carry out an annual service of your boiler. This is a common sense move whatever the weather forecast is, as not doing so can have challenging repercussions for a commercial business.

A Boiler Service Will:

  • prolong the life of your boiler
  • make sure you are getting value for money from your investment and maximising an asset
  • it will make sure the boiler runs efficiently, thus saving you money in energy costs and reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint
  • it will make sure you are getting the heat that the energy usage should be providing
  • it will guard against unforeseen breakdowns that leave your workforce really feeling the chill, which could damage morale and lead to health and safety violations. Breakdowns may also interrupt production processes in some industrial environments.

Arranging a boiler service and maintenance contract with Robinsons Facilities Services is really easy, and we can tailor the agreement to the demands of your business. However, there are additional simple checks that you can carry out in readiness for a cold spell:

Does Your Boiler Sound OK?

Simply reacting to strange noises coming from your boiler can sometimes prevent a small problem becoming a big one. Unusual noises are usually a sign that something isn’t right and you should seek professional help.

Insulate Pipework

Your condensate pipe will run outside and is therefore exposed to the coldest weather. The water flows slowly through this so is susceptible to freezing and hence this can back-up your system and cause malfunctions. Insulating your pipework, where possible, can guard against this.

Test the Thermostat

These can develop faults which mean the building is colder or hotter than it should be. If you notice problems with your building’s temperature, let us know and we’ll check it out.

Contact us today to discuss your boiler service and maintenance and we can make sure you are winter ready.

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