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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

February 13th, 2020

Last updated: July 12th, 2022

Last week saw the 13th annual National Apprenticeship Week being celebrated from 3rd February to 9th 2020. It was a seven-day appreciation of the impact apprenticeships have on people, businesses and the economy, with over 1250 events taking place up and down the country in schools, colleges and local businesses.

Apprenticeships are a long-standing tradition in the UK, and represent an important route into employment for young people, offering high quality personnel to organisations and access to skilled employment in a wide range of diverse industries for the apprentices.

At Robinsons Facilities Services we have taken a specific interest in apprenticeships since we took on our own young learner in 2019, and therefore we are fully behind National Apprenticeship Week and everything it represents. After sifting through 120 applications we found our apprentice gas engineer Daniel Hibbard, a 19-year-old from Harrogate and someone who clearly stood out in his application.

Daniel came to us with a short working background in plumbing and heating with a local company, and is now growing and developing his skills in the trade and taking advice from some of the most trusted and respected HVAC engineers in the Yorkshire region. It is a unique opportunity for Daniel and he has taken it with both hands, quickly becoming a real asset to the organisation.

We set high standards at Robinsons Facilities Services and the apprenticeship program seeks to maintain that. We are now looking to develop that for future years with the ongoing recruitment and progression of young people.

Apprenticeship Programs in the HVAC Industry

As such we are very happy to promote National Apprenticeship Week and would encourage other employers in the Harrogate area and in the HVAC industry to undertake their own apprenticeship programs. The opportunity to develop young people to your own standards and philosophies and to help produce the engineers of the future is a great prospect for all parties.

Controlling our own destiny is very important at Robinsons Facilities Services and is a major factor in how the organisation has become nationally recognised and appreciated. Getting involved in this apprenticeship program has further cemented that belief and means that we can nurture young employers in our own image. As a result we would thoroughly recommend the apprenticeship program and are very happy to support National Apprenticeship Week this year and looking further into the future.


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