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Commercial Kitchen Cooling – How to Keep a Kitchen Cool

June 20th, 2024

Last updated: June 25th, 2024

Commercial kitchens are bustling environments and in the summer, commercial kitchen cooling can become a tricky topic, as the appliances generate significant amounts of heat.

Managing the temperature in a commercial kitchen is crucial not only for the comfort and safety of the staff but also for the proper functioning of equipment and the quality of the food. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key features of a commercial kitchen and discuss effective methods to keep it cool, focusing on ventilation and air conditioning.

Features of a Commercial Kitchen: Heat Generating Issues

A commercial kitchen is designed to handle high volumes of food production. Key features typically include appliances like ovens, stoves, fryers, grills, and dishwashers. They’re all important to many kitchens, but generate substantial heat.

Walk-in fridges and freezers are crucial for storage but also contribute to the overall heat output. Plus, many commercial kitchens operate for long hours, with minimal downtime, leading to long periods of heat generation.

The constant preparation of large quantities of food means that multiple appliances are often running simultaneously.

Effective Kitchen Cooling Methods

So how do we stay cool in kitchen environments?

Managing the heat in a commercial kitchen involves a combination of design and equipment as well as doing the right things to try to minimise the heat building up.


Proper ventilation is the backbone of any cooling strategy in a commercial kitchen.

Installing powerful extractor hoods above cooking stations is essential. These hoods capture and remove heat from the source. For optimal performance, ensure regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent grease buildup.

Likewise, effective ductwork, combined with high-quality fans, helps move hot air out of the kitchen. Position fans strategically to create a consistent airflow, ensuring that cooler air circulates throughout the space. This also helps with the air circulation.

Air Conditioning

While ventilation addresses heat removal, air conditioning helps maintain a comfortable temperature.

There are a number of different systems and as all commercial kitchens are different, they all require some consideration.

Split-System Air Conditioners are ideal for commercial kitchens because they are efficient and can be installed without major structural changes. They consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, providing powerful cooling without taking up floor space.

Ducted Air Conditioning is ideal for larger kitchens, ducted systems can distribute cool air evenly throughout the space. These systems are more complex to install but offer comprehensive climate control.

Portable Air Conditioners are also available. While not a long-term solution, portable units can provide temporary relief in specific hot spots. They are useful during peak times, as it may not be hot for much of the year.

Additional Cooling Strategies

Besides proper kitchen ventilation and air conditioning, there are several other strategies to keep a commercial kitchen cool and, most importantly, keep everybody safe and comfortable while they are working.

Though most people think of insulation as providing heat, the proper insulation of walls, ceilings, and especially around cooking appliances can prevent heat from spreading throughout the kitchen.

Using materials that reflect rather than absorb heat for walls and counters can help reduce the overall temperature, and ensuring all appliances and cooling systems are regularly maintained will improve efficiency and reduce the amount of heat they emit.

If things are really bad, you might consider organising kitchen tasks to minimise the simultaneous use of multiple heat-generating appliances. For example, stagger the use of ovens and stoves when possible.

Encourage kitchen staff to take regular breaks in cooler areas and stay hydrated. Wearing lightweight, breathable clothing can also help them stay comfortable.

Conclusion – Commercial Kitchen Cooling Basics

Keeping a commercial kitchen cool is a challenge going into the warm summer months. Proper ventilation and air conditioning are usually part of any cooling strategy, ensuring that heat is effectively minimised and the kitchen remains at a comfortable working temperature.

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