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Common Lift Problems: Issues to Look Out For

April 11th, 2024

Last updated: April 11th, 2024

Have you ever been stuck in a lift or waited ages for one to arrive? Lifts are great when they work, but they can run into problems, and as you would expect, there are some pretty strict regulations regarding lift maintenance and repair. Like anything mechanical, lifts aren’t designed to work forever, and they need a level of care and attention to keep functioning.

Here are some common lift problems that you might run into, as well as their potential causes and ways to repair them (or avoid them altogether).

Lift Making Noises

A little bit of noise in itself isn’t usually a huge problem, but it is almost always a sign of a bigger issue, often caused by wear.

A worn mechanical component is almost always the culprit here, so it is possible that something in the lift needs to be replaced or repaired. Bearings are often the problem, and they play a crucial role in the motor’s operation by enabling smooth movement without friction. When a bearing is broken, it can produce a grinding or screeching sound and may eventually cause the motor to fail.

If you notice weird noises or even the lift shaking, tell someone right away. Don’t ignore it! It’s better to be safe than sorry. The experts can check it out and fix any problems before they get worse.

Lift Door Malfunctions

Most of us have experienced this, going to get in a lift and the doors aren’t quite behaving how they should be.

This problem can arise from a range of different factors, such as misaligned door tracks that aren’t quite on the right track (literally), defective door sensors, worn-out rollers after years of use, or issues with the door operator system or electronics.

It is also possible that something could have got jammed in the door or its sensors, meaning that it doesn’t open and close correctly.

Regular lift maintenance can help with this, ensuring that any worn components are spotted early and that issues are addressed before causing a breakdown and needing advanced repair.

Oil Contamination

Oil contamination is a common issue that can occur in lifts, but if you’re not trained in maintenance you wouldn’t know about it.

Particles can wear from the parts of the lift and contaminate the oil that is used in the motor, which sometimes causes an odour, but not always. It can definitely cause issues, including struggling with motion up and down, and slow operation. Checking and replacing the oil during maintenance can definitely help with this.

Power Failure

Power failure while using a lift is not a nice thought for anyone. Lifts use a lot of power, and there are ways in which the electronics can wear or break, causing the power to fail completely.

Lifts intended for evacuation have to have an emergency source of backup power, but this doesn’t cover every lift.

Fortunately, by carrying out regular checks of lifts and lifting equipment, you can mitigate some of these risks, and experts have techniques to check the voltage and temperatures to avoid breakdowns.

Preventing Issues With Your Lift

The above are just some of the issues that you might run into with your lift. There are other ways in which it may malfunction, and it is not worth taking any risks.

Regular maintenance checks by qualified technicians are crucial, as they can detect and address potential problems before they escalate. Implementing a proactive maintenance schedule can help identify issues such as worn-out components, misalignments, or electrical faults, allowing for timely repairs and minimising the risk of breakdowns. Additionally, educating building occupants about lift safety guidelines, including weight limits and proper use of controls, can help prevent issues such as overcrowding or misuse.

By prioritising preventive maintenance and promoting awareness among users, building managers can maximise the reliability and longevity of their lift systems.

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