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Electric Roller Shutter Door Problems: Common Issues and Fixes

July 8th, 2022

Last updated: July 13th, 2022

Commercial roller shutter doors can be hugely beneficial for businesses, and help to keep them secure, resist adverse weather, and put off potential criminals and vandals. However, with moving parts, it is possible that they might go wrong from time to time. In this guide, we’re looking at common electric roller shutter door problems, how to spot them, and how you can fix them.

A Note On Maintenance

If you have industrial or commercial roller shutter doors on your premises then you have an obligation to keep them safe at all times, and this includes maintenance.

The regulations have changed recently, and there are new European and British Standards on the safety of doors, gates and barriers – BS EN 12453:2017 and BS EN 12604:2017.

Ultimately, if you are using them in a commercial setting then having the doors serviced and maintained at least annually is a legal responsibility.

Getting them maintained properly is not just about keeping your business compliant, it is about keeping the doors running at their optimum level. On top of that, maintenance can help the doors to extend their lifespan and last far longer, preventing awkward breakdowns at the most inconvenient times.

Common Issues With Electric Roller Doors

Let’s look into some of the common problems that people encounter, and what they might mean. Remember that if you need roller door repairs, you can contact Robinsons Facilities Services 24/7 for assistance.

Not Opening And/Or Closing

The most basic of all the problems. It won’t open or close. You’ve pressed the usual control or tried to open the door and it won’t. Now what?

It is often down to power loss, and this means it could be a case of checking the power supply. Wiring or a fuse could be the problem. If you are able to, you can switch the power off and turn it on again to see if this reboots the system.

If power isn’t the issue it could be a more complex fix, meaning you may need an engineer.

Not Fully Opening Or Closing

If the shutters are opening some of the way, or closing some of the way, this suggests that it is not down to an electrical issue. Automated electric shutters use proximity sensors in many situations, and if the sensors are not aligned, or they become dirty or blocked then this can cause the shutter doors to stop working as expected.

Try cleaning them, but if this doesn’t work, it could be time to get more help.

Moving at the Wrong Speed

If the shutter starts going a lot quicker or slower than usual, there is often an issue with the spring system, and damage to specific springs or cables within. This is a big issue, and it could potentially be dangerous if the shutter is not under your full control, so make sure you get this seen as quickly as you can.

Shutter Sticking on Rails

It was inevitable that one of these tips would involve WD40. If the shutter is getting stuck on its railing, moving slowly or rigidly, it could be that you need to apply lubrication, and WD40 can do exactly that. There may be specific guidelines from the makers of the system on how to maintain it, so be sure to stay in line with these.

It could also be that dirt and debris has got into the system, so think about cleaning it, too. If you work in an environment where this is likely, such as a car garage or manufacturing facility, consider whether the shutter system might be getting damaged (at least temporarily) by grit or dirt in the railings.

If you’ve lubricated and cleaned the system and it is still bumpy then you may need it looked at by a professional.

Code Issues

Do you have a code-based shutter system? It is possible that other businesses in the area are using the same code system, and this sometimes means issues with the operation of the shutter door. This can be tough to diagnose, but if you spot a neighbouring business changing their shutters, and it interferes with yours, then it could be that the codes are an issue.

Help With Your Electric Roller Shutter Door Problems

As well as installing and maintaining your systems, we can help you to ensure you have someone to call if you experience any of the issues above.

Our team always advise a planned preventative maintenance schedule, which can help to ensure that your roller shutter doors are working to the best of their abilities and stay in good condition. This can stop any issues cropping up in the first place.

We know how security systems work, and our skilled, accredited engineers are happy to help. Contact us today for all plannedreactive maintenance or emergency call out. Call 01423 226578 or get in touch to see how Robinsons Facilities Services can help.

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