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How a Commercial Boiler Service Can Help Your Business

January 11th, 2018

Last updated: December 8th, 2023

A boiler is one of the most important elements of a business’s welfare infrastructure. It provides hot water and heating and is integral to an employer’s fundamental duty to provide a comfortable work environment for their employees. Understanding how it works can help you grasp how it will impact your business.

Operating a boiler inevitably leads to energy expenditure for a business, but these costs can be controlled by a regular service and maintenance agreement. This will ensure that your boiler operates efficiently and safely, thus using less energy and therefore leading to less expense.

Employing the services of commercial boiler servicing companies can also guard against breakdowns. Not servicing your boiler would otherwise result in uncomfortable, and possibly even illegal, working conditions, a disgruntled workforce and costly emergency repairs that won’t be budgeted for. It can also help you improve your boiler’s efficiency.

Designing a suitable service and maintenance schedule will not only give you peace of mind and allow you to put a known cost in your budgets, but it will also extend the life of your boiler and prevent breakdowns, so you get more value from your investment, cheaper running costs and no unforeseen financial headaches.

Benefits of Commercial Boiler Servicing

In case you’re still on the fence about whether servicing your commercial boiler is a false economy, the benefits outlined below will help you to make your mind up.

  • Efficiency and savings. As outlined by the Greener Homes Group, a regularly serviced boiler is more efficient, and therefore uses less fuel, which means a saving for your business.
  • Your legal obligation to keep employees and customers safe. An annual service is generally understood to fulfil your requirements to check that your boiler isn’t posing a hazard to others.
  • Warranty. If you have a warranty on the boiler, it may be void if you don’t get it regularly serviced.
  • Comfort. Everyone can enjoy comfortable temperatures and water temperatures, provided that the boiler is working to a high standard.
  • Identifying future issues. A service is also designed to spot issues before they become full breakdowns or turn into irreparable damage. This can save you money as well as a lot of hassle replacing a boiler or pipework if they become badly damaged.
  • Peace of mind. Managing all of the facilities on your premises, and the legality of your health and safety obligations can be difficult without the help of professionals. Regular planned boiler servicing can free you up to focus on other things.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, our boiler service will also provide assurances regarding health and safety, as we can detect small gas leaks and discover wear and tear that could cause a leak.

This could possibly lead to fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. Steps to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning are outlined here by Energy UK, and boiler and appliance servicing is one of the top tips they provide on how to stay safe.

A Professional Boiler Service From Robinsons

A commercial boiler service is a great way to manage a key asset in a cost effective way and to protect the wellbeing of your employees.

Our boiler service is carried out by GasSafe-registered engineers and follows the strict guidelines enforced by this body.

The process of a commercial boiler service can generally be broken down into three sections:

1. Initial visual checks

This includes:

  • A visual check for any signs of obvious faults or leaks in the outer body or pipework of the boiler, such as water leaks or scorch marks
  • A tightness test checks for gas leaks
  • Inspect the flue to ensure adequate inspection panels can be installed
  • Check the pressure on the system and top it up if necessary
  • Check all safety components are operating correctly
  • Take readings from the flue gas analyser to check the flame is working properly
  • Check the components of the ignition and flame and replace if necessary

2. Cleaning

We break the main body of the boiler down to clean out dust, dirt and any particulate build-up that can lead to the boiler over-working and becoming inefficient. This includes:

  • The condenser trap, where applicable
  • The system filter
  • Controls, which are also inspected and oiled

3. Testing

We build the system back up and operate it for final testing, which includes:

  • Checking the burners are fully operational and the flame is the right colour
  • Checking the operating pressures are within manufacturer’s limits
  • Checking the seals are still fully bonded and there are no leaks
  • Carrying out a second leak check to ensure the system has been rebuilt properly and is ready for ongoing use

As you can see, our service is thorough and involves failsafe checks that ensure the system is suitable for use going forward, giving you peace of mind and an assurance that you are running a vital part of your business in the right way.

If needed, our team of expert engineers can also provide you with repairs for your boiler system.

So contact us today to discuss a service and maintenance agreement for your boiler.

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