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How Do You Choose the Best M&E Maintenance Companies?

May 18th, 2020

Last updated: June 25th, 2024

Whatever industry your organisation is in, you need your facilities and operations to run efficiently and reliably. Increasingly, HVAC systems are becoming part of the fundamental infrastructure of an organisation, particularly in terms of air conditioning, heating, electrical systems, water systems and boilers etc. You hold a big responsibility to have these systems running smoothly and cost-effectively and so appointing an M and E maintenance contractor is a critical decision you can’t afford to get wrong.

Commercial and industrial buildings are increasingly complex in terms of their 24/7 security and operational needs, so you need HVAC systems to be serviced, repaired and maintained to keep them running efficiently.

So how do you do this when a quick internet search can produce a minefield of organisations who, to your eyes, can’t be differentiated from each other? This can be particularly hard if you have no basic understanding of HVAC systems and their critical needs, so here are some pointers to help you.

What is M&E Maintenance?

Mechanical and electrical services are all of the electrical systems and mechanical systems within your premises. M&E is an industry abbreviation, and it can refer to all of the different aspects of maintenance as well as installation, certification and regular servicing and PPM. This can stretch from your air conditioning units to your fire alarms and more.

What Kind of M&E Maintenance Contractor Do You Need?

Do you want one M&E contractor to cover all your HVAC systems, or do you want to appoint specialist contractors in each area? This will depend on the breadth of systems you have, and the risk factor in how they each impact on your operations, but it is possible to find one maintenance provider who will adequately cover all your HVAC needs, and here is what you need to look out for.

No one company is a specialist in every area. It’s just not possible, but with a large team of accredited professionals, such as that within Robinsons Facilities Services, you can keep most of your M and E maintenance needs handled with one of the top M&E maintenance companies. We have commercial electricians, engineers, and even plumbers available for all aspects of property maintenance.

The advantage of working with a company that has a huge variety of skills is that they can provide you with one PPM scheme and plan that covers all aspects of your business needs. It can provide peace of mind and let you get on with what you are good at.

Knowledge and Skills

This is critical to how a contractor understands your different systems straight away and is not just able to carry out repair and maintenance work, but can offer design solutions and enhancements, make recommendations to save money and quickly source spare parts.

Often you can pick this up by reading client testimonials on a contractor’s website or other online resources. You can also assume this knowledge and experience through a contractor holding industry accreditations and approvals.

These are third party proof from verified sources that the contractor has proficiency and professionalism in certain fields, and will also be able to embrace new technology and other industry solutions to help you work efficiently now and in the future.

There are also certain registers such as the Gas Safe register that can be a very helpful way to check if companies have got these accreditations and if they have the right employees to provide proficient M&E services.


A good HVAC contractor will have an appreciation of how your business works and particularly how you need to operate efficiently. This means they will design planned preventative maintenance (PPM) systems that do not intrude too much on your operations. They will be conscious to minimise downtime, will not visit more frequently than they need to, and they will design PPM systems that are affordable and meaningful.

We can also assist with other M&E contracts where external assistance may be needed, such as delivering a 24-7-365 call out service or ongoing maintenance and repair services.


The key to being a good M&E maintenance provider is demonstrating that they are not just in it for the money.

They can evidence this by offering solutions based on improving your efficiencies and not just making sure they can build as many service visits as possible into your contract. Proactive solutions are always better than reactive ones where maintenance is concerned. At Robinsons Facilities Services, we value providing the very best service for our customers, and this means preventing breakdowns wherever possible, rather than waiting for the worst that can happen.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to spot a contractor who wants to earn money from your systems breaking down, as opposed to one who designs solutions to specifically keep you running.


Working with a professional M&E contractor means you expect quality workmanship from them, but also it means they should be prompt, fast-working and responsive. You are effectively partnering with them on your key systems, so they need to be someone you want to partner with.

Do they leave you with good, detailed and helpful reports? With recommended actions? Are they contactable? Are they open and transparent with documentation such as certificates, licences, insurance and permits? Are they happy for you to visit their headquarters and/or facilities?

Conclusion – Choosing M and E Contractors

Of course, there will always be considerations such as price and location that impact the choices that you have for an M&E contractor.

A good, trusted and reliable contractor will understand that you need a vital resource that you are able to depend upon, so it is all about building a relationship, and they should be open to doing that, because after all, a relationship is a two-way thing.

Check a company’s feedback, and have a discussion with them about your own specific needs before making the decision on which company should be your long-term partner for PPM and electrical and mechanical support.

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