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How Good Air Quality Can Improve The Performance Of Your Business

More and more employers are making the investment in air conditioning and other ventilation systems. Not only are they a cost-efficient way to control the air temperature all-year-round, but they are also an effective way to control the health of your employees.

Of course it is a basic requirement that employees should be provided with a safe and comfortable workplace, but air conditioning also has the major benefit of saving money and enabling a business to individually control conditions in different parts of the building more efficiently. One benefit many employers are not aware of, however, is the difference that good air quality can make to an employee’s health and subsequently their work output.

Possible results of poor air quality

Unventilated offices can lead to tiredness and fatigue and therefore stress and ultimately a poor quality of work. But they can also lead to a greater risk of disease and other negative health conditions, which clearly can result in absenteeism.

We spend so much time at work that it is only natural that this environment will have an effect on our health, and so it needs to be controlled and made as accommodating as possible. Clean air will help with:

  • Humidity: a build-up of moisture in hot conditions can cause dust mites and mould forming, and therefore airborne particles, which can result in breathing difficulties.
  • Dry air: a stuffy atmosphere can result in dry skin forming or nosebleeds
  • Odours: smelly foods or a build-up of other odours can cause discomfort and irritability in employees, and musty smells can have a negative health impact.

Poor air quality is bad for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions, and often you don’t realise what is causing this. If you notice a minor breathing difficulty while at home you may immediately think it is caused by something at home, when you actually spend a lot more time at work, and your condition could be linked to no ventilation, poor air quality and a moisture build-up.

The benefits of good ventilation

Air conditioning and other ventilation systems enable the air to be circulated, so dry or poor quality air is taken out of a room and replaced with clean air, continuously. This provides a good balance all year round as well as controlling the temperature to suit the ambient weather conditions.

In general, the wellbeing of your employees will improve with good ventilation, this should lead to better motivation, improved morale and ultimately a positive impact on work output. You should also encourage your staff to take fresh air breaks at lunch time or maybe also arrange outdoor activities for after work. These all help energise people by stepping out of their normal environment, and they combine to help provide a healthy, positive and highly motivated workforce and improved performance for a business that people will want to work for.

An air conditioning system that is serviced and maintained properly is one of the best investments a business can make, offering years of benefits for both your business and its employees.

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