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How to Remove Graffiti From a Commercial Property

July 1st, 2022

Last updated: February 6th, 2023

It’s a nightmare scenario for a lot of people who own or rent a commercial property. Getting in in the morning to see that there is graffiti on your walls or glass. In this guide, we’re helping to show you how to remove graffiti and exploring some options, both for the “DIY” approach or for getting a graffiti removal service.

While, in general, there is a lot of debate about whether graffiti is artwork or vandalism, if you have found that someone has graffitied your building then you probably want to get rid of it. You may also want to use any security camera footage to try and press charges if you possibly can.

The Impact of Graffiti

Why is it so important to consider the impact of graffiti anyway? Is it that big a deal if an external wall gets graffitied?

Actually, it can have a significant impact on public perception. Even graffiti that looks good as artwork probably gives the wrong image for your business. The effects can include:

  • Making your commercial premises look run down. As it is generally expected that graffiti will be removed, failing to do so can make it look like you simply don’t care or can’t be bothered to remove it.
  • Making it look like your business is in a rough area. Many people associate graffiti with crime and the more crime-ridden parts of towns and cities. This may not be the welcoming image you want to put across.
  • Encouraging more graffiti. Unfortunately, this is self-perpetuating. Graffiti artists look for areas where they can spray away with no risk of it getting removed. The best thing you can do is to quickly get the graffiti removed, so it is seen by fewer eyeballs, and whoever did the graffiti is likely to go elsewhere.
  • It may be offensive. A lot of graffiti can involve swearing, or even be connected to gangs.

Unless it is a commissioned art project, graffiti will often have a negative impact. This is why so many people are quick to explore how to get rid of graffiti.

How to Remove Graffiti From Brick

Graffiti on brick can often be removed with some very high-strength paint remover. This depends on the exact type of paint used to create the graffiti.

You need to use a wire brush, which will get right into all the holes and the pores of the bricks, and be sure to leave it to soak and begin to activate so that it can actually react with the paint.

After this, it is time to take a pressure washer to the wall. If the wall is flat, then you can also use sandpaper to try to chip away at the paint.

How to Remove Graffiti From Glass

Removing graffiti from glass can sometimes be achieved by using a razor blade to scrape away at the paint, but this depends on which type of paint, and it also comes with its own set of risks. You shouldn’t attempt this without knowing exactly what you are doing.

You may be able to apply solvents to soften the paint, first, and in some cases this may make it easy to wipe the paint away.

How to Remove Graffiti From Wooden Walls

Solvents are needed to try and remove spray paints and other types of markers from wooden walls, but harsh solvents can cause damage.

Start with paint thinners and very mild solvents such as acetone to try and get rid of the paint. Fresh paint will come off easier.

If the individual used latex or oil paints to apply the paint then a stain-killing primer is needed, and once it has dried you can apply other solvents to try to take the paint away from the wall.

Should I Get Professional Graffiti Removal?

We recommend getting the professionals in if you possibly can. This is a way to make sure that whoever is removing the graffiti is experienced. For instance, our team of professionals have cleaned and cleared graffiti from a variety of surfaces including wood, glass, stone, and brick, and know how to do so effectively and efficiently.

What’s more, if you do this yourself you run the risk of leaving marks on the wall where the graffiti was. This can also leave lasting damage that looks unprofessional.

How Much Does Graffiti Removal Cost?

The cost of graffiti removal can vary hugely depending on many different factors. For instance, if it is in an awkward or high position, if the graffiti was done in a particularly harsh paint, or if it is a large area.

It is always best to get help quickly in this scenario, and get a quote for the work before the graffiti removers get to work.

Robinsons Facilities Services Graffiti Removal

Our team of experienced professionals can help you to remove graffiti all over the UK, and we understand the need to do this in a hurry. Call 01423 226578 or get in touch to see how Robinsons Facilities Services can help.

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