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How to Save Energy in The Office – Our Tips

November 4th, 2022

Last updated: December 7th, 2022

How to save energy in the office. It’s a hot topic for a few different reasons. One of the main things people will undeniably be looking at as costs continue to rise beyond what could have been expected, is the cost. Of course, environmentally, learning office energy saving measures is the right thing to do, but undeniably the fact that bills have skyrocketed will have added more urgency for certain businesses.

So, let’s look at some methods of energy-saving within office environments. It might feel like some of these are smaller measures, but they can certainly make a difference, especially in a busy office.

Ensure Your Lighting is Efficient

Efficient lighting is essential in the modern day and age and while the vast majority of homes have switched to LED lighting, but in some commercial environments such as offices, the old-fashioned lightbulbs such as incandescent filament bulbs are still used. They need to be replaced by modern LEDs, CFL or halogen bulbs, and you can also install sensors in the office so that the lights are only used when they are needed.

Ensure a Modern, Perfectly-Functioning Boiler

Heating and cooling may be the highest of all the costs in an office, and this means you will want to get the utmost in efficiency from your boiler. Commercial boiler technology has come a long way in recent years, and the more modern options are far more efficient. Boilers now have to have an “A” grade in energy ratings. If your boiler is old then it may be nowhere near this, and getting a new boiler installed could save you 30% or even more on your energy bills.

Even if you do have a relatively new and efficient boiler it is a good idea to get it regularly serviced to ensure it is functioning at the best of its ability. Inefficiencies can be very costly, especially if your boiler is running a lot of the time.

Turn Things Off When Not Used

You will have heard this a million times, and you may have even heard it from money-conscious parents or partners in the home. The reason why people tend to give this advice time and time again is that it actually works.

So many of us switch our monitors and laptops onto sleep or standby mode. Studies have shown that the average home can save around £150 a year by turning things off when not in use. This study was also published before huge rises, so the figure could be higher than that. In an office, or larger business premises, you may be able to save even more on your bills.

Don’t Crank The Temperature Too High

A lot of people put their heating to a warm and snug temperature, and it can also be tempting to put it up nice and high after a walk into work in the freezing cold, but avoid the temptation to overheat the space. 1 degree of overheating could potentially increase the energy up to 8% which is a huge difference.

A building management system can also be a great way to manage the heating in different areas of the building.

You can also ensure that vents and filters have been cleaned and maintained, ensuring that the heating and cooling systems don’t have to work so hard.

Consider Sending People Home

We understand that this isn’t an option for a lot of scenarios, but a lot of employees would rather work from home, and this means that the office may not be used as much, lowering things like heating costs as well as kitchen costs and even some of the maintenance costs.

Educate Everyone

It simply has to be a team effort in this scenario, if there are some people who are not going to put the effort in, or who are going to turn the heating up regardless of what you have agreed, then it is very unlikely that it will work. The best approach is to educate everyone on the efforts you are making and why, encouraging them to buy into the project.

Advice From The Professionals

At Robinsons Facilities Services, we are always happy to provide advice on your equipment and processes to see if you are doing things in the most cost-effective way. It could be that some basic maintenance, repairs, or even installing new equipment could save your office money in the long run.

If you need expert servicing, maintenance or repairs, call Robinsons Facilities Services today on 01423 226578 or send us an enquiry.

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