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Maintaining Good Air Quality is Crucial to Businesses?

February 27th, 2018

Last updated: December 19th, 2023

At Robinsons Facilities Services we would always recommend an air conditioning system as the best way to generate and maintain a high indoor air quality. Having good, clean air in a commercial environment is sometimes taken for granted, or at least is not seen as a priority for a business, but it can be very important for a number of reasons.

Air quality can influence absenteeism, productivity and the perception of your business for a customer or employee. Sometimes it can be the little things that can make a big difference in you being viewed as just an adequate business or an excellent one, and where competitive advantage can be so hard to establish, it is worth making that extra bit of effort.

In modern life there are many airborne pollutants, such as smog, vehicle pollution and chemical pollution. In a work environment there can also be airborne germs, bodily odours, food odours and contaminants from any materials used in industrial processes that may drift into an office or warehouse environment. All these contaminants, whether harmful or merely distracting, can affect the workplace dramatically and there are many simple things you can do to improve this. Work ventilation has even been linked to deaths in the UK.

Replace Bad Air with Good Air

This is the basic principle of an air conditioning system, you are filtering out contaminated or stale air and recirculating clean air drawn from outside. If you don’t have an air conditioning system, simply opening a window can provide clean air too, but not as effectively. Re-circulating fresh air removes contaminants and revitalises the occupants, thus improving their performance.


Your air conditioning system is constantly working to draw out contaminants, so the less there are, the less work it has to do. A clean interior, therefore, free of dust and dirt build-up, makes it easier to maintain good air quality. Even normal pedestrian footfall in an office can create airborne contaminants, so employing good cleaning contractors and adopting techniques to prevent dust and dirt build-up can improve air quality and may even save you money on the running of your air conditioning system.


This is slightly different to simply preventing a workplace getting hot. There are many negative effects to a humid workplace, particularly on health. So again, an air conditioning system is the perfect way to purify air, regulate humidity and provide a comfortable working space.

Don’t Add Fragrances

Unpleasant smells can affect air quality very quickly, and can also contain detrimental chemical properties. Many offices and other work environments use artificial air fresheners, but as a synthetic fragrance these are not always the right solution, and there is no substitute for good, clean, uncontaminated air, be that from an air conditioning system or an open window.

Servicing and Maintenance

You should not assume that the installation of an air conditioning system signals the end of your worries in terms of providing clean air quality. Any air conditioning system needs regular servicing and maintenance to ensure it is doing its job. Fans can get blocked up, filters clogged and refrigerant needs changing, all on a periodic basis, and while you might notice temperature instability if an air conditioning system is not performing to its optimum – and this might be seen in your energy bills too – it is hard to detect a loss of air quality. So to ensure your work environment maintains clean, pure air on a continual basis, you can design a service and maintenance agreement for your air conditioning system that suits your budget, your working schedule and your business.

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