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PAT Test Checklist

July 12th, 2023

Last updated: May 7th, 2024

PAT testing is not 100% essential, but keeping your employees and visitors safe is the responsibility of a business owner, and PAT testing is the best method we have to do this.

In this guide, we’re exploring a couple of types of PAT testing checklists. Firstly, the checklist that any tester should go through, including visual checks, to ensure that the item is safe. We’ve also provided a huge list of items that may need checking. Obviously, every workplace is slightly different in terms of which items may need testing. Premises have different layouts and equipment, so multiple tests are required.

The Visual Inspection

PAT tests consist of a user inspection before a full formal visual inspection, and then the PAT test using the formal equipment. During the visual inspection, the following checklist will show what inspections are required during a PAT test.

  1. The plug. Look for signs of damage in the plug such as bent pins or wiring issues, all conductors must also be connected tightly to the correct terminals.
  2. Cabling should be checked as exposed wiring is an automatic fail on a pat test. Check for fraying or cuts.
  3. The appliance itself. Check for signs of wear and tear on the casing as well as any clear damage that the item has incurred.
  4. The mains power outlet. This should be checked as part of the visual inspection as a safety precaution. Check for any loose connections or cracks, as well as the shutter mechanism.
  5. (Residual Current Device) checks, these are fitted with a test button that trips if the current in the live conductor is different to that in the neutral conductor. Look for damage and check that the button is working.
  6. Environmental checks means checking for other hazards such as fire risks, water risks or even trip hazards that can come from the item.

Though this all needs to be carried out by a professional, it is also important for business owners to keep on top of their electrical items and responsibilities. It is a good idea to carry out these visual checks regularly and even in between PAT tests.

Items For PAT Testing

Below, we’ve included a very long list of examples of items that may need PAT testing. This can serve as a very useful way to check that nothing gets forgotten. Of course, if you have specific equipment needed for your business operations, this should be added to your checklist.

Common items for PAT testing include:

  1. Computers and laptops
  2. Monitors and displays
  3. Printers and scanners
  4. Photocopiers
  5. Fax machines
  6. Telephones and VoIP systems
  7. Power extension cords and cable reels
  8. Power adapters and chargers
  9. Projectors and audio-visual equipment
  10. Audio equipment (amplifiers, speakers, microphones)
  11. Kitchen appliances (microwaves, kettles, toasters)
  12. Refrigerators and freezers
  13. Coffee machines and vending machines
  14. Fans and air conditioning units
  15. Handheld power tools (drills, saws, sanders)
  16. Vacuum cleaners and floor polishers
  17. Hairdryers and hair styling tools
  18. Medical equipment
  19. Heating appliances (electric heaters, radiators)
  20. Personal protective equipment (PPE) with electrical components
  21. Battery chargers
  22. Exercise equipment with electrical components (e.g., treadmills, stationary bikes in gyms)
  23. Electrical signage and advertising displays
  24. Manufacturing equipment such as CNC machines

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Some people have specific equipment on their premises that uses electrical current. All appliances will fall into one of the classes of electronic items.


There is no denying that PAT testing is the best way forward if you are looking to ensure that you have an adequate record that you have considered the safety of your electrical items. Performing regular tests and checks is a way to protect your employees and customers, but it is also a great way to ensure that you are compliant with HSE guidelines.

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