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Signs of a Roof Leak – Spot the Signs Before Your Building is Damaged

July 15th, 2022

Last updated: July 15th, 2022

A roof leak can be a nightmare scenario for businesses. A lot of people think that the worst that is likely to happen is a few spots of water build up, but it can become much worse than this, and the longer it goes, the worse it is likely to be.

The risks are increased in a lot of different areas, and having a roof leak can make it more likely that the building will become damaged, or develop other issues such as mould. There’s even a chance that, unseen to, the leak can cause building collapse.

We can’t stress enough the importance of getting your roof repaired if there is any sign of a leak, and regularly inspecting for the signs of roof leak damage.

It’s not as simple as you might assume, either. A little inspection of attic areas might not be enough to check if you have a leak. In a large building, the task of checking for leaks is also far more difficult.

In this guide, we’ve explained the signs of a roof leak as well as what you can do if you spot them. Roofs aren’t made to last forever, especially in a lot of commercial buildings, and you will eventually need repairs or replacement.

Signs of a Leak

Time to dive into the signs to look out for. Remember, they might not be as simple as you thought.

Water Getting Into The Property and Pooling

Okay, we will start with the very basic sign. If you find that there are patches of water building up within the property, or pools of water in unexpected places, then there is a chance that it is coming from a leak.

As well as checking for ceiling leaks, you can also check your plumbing and windows and doors, which are often culprits of leaks over time. All of these types of leaks can be dangerous and costly, both in terms of repairs, and in the case of plumbing leaks, in excess water that is used.

Water On Internal Ceilings

Spots of water on the interior ceilings, and even larger patches like puddles can be a sign that the roof isn’t doing its job in terms of protecting and keeping the water out. This can be hugely dangerous, especially if it risks mixing with the electrics in your property.

You might not spot this sort of sign quickly, which can be an issue. If there is a lot of space between the ceiling itself and the roof (for instance, if there is a large attic space) then it could be the case that the leak has been there for a considerable time. Check for signs of roof leak in attic spaces regularly to reduce this risk.

Water spots and internal “puddles” on the ceiling can appear in multiple places, and you may also find them seeping into corners and into the wall.

Mould on Exterior Walls

Mould on the exterior walls in your property is never going to be a good sign. If you find that there is mould building up in the property then there are many potential reasons. Mould itself can be dangerous, and in a commercial property, you have a responsibility to ensure that the space is safe for employees, customers, and any other visitors.

If you’ve spotted some mould then you should try to trace the reason, and look at issues with ventilation, but often, it is down to moisture entering through the roof.

Buckled, Curling, or Damaged Roof Shingles

A visual inspection is not always easy, especially in large or tall buildings. If you do have a high vantage point then it is a good idea to check on the roof singles. If you see that they are curving or starting to look worn then it can definitely be a sign that you need to get a professional to check your roof.

Even if the shingles or roofing is relatively new then there is a chance that poor installation or extreme weather conditions could still lead to problems.

Risks of Ignoring Roof Problems

There’s really no excuse for leaving the issues to get worse. It can be extremely dangerous, with the risks including:

  • Potential mould growth that can be harmful to health
  • Weakening the structure of the building by letting moisture build up
  • Electrical dangers, and even electrical fires. Water should not be allowed to mix with electronics or electrical wiring

If you are found to have failed to keep your commercial building safe then there is also the chance that you could face fines or legal action as a result. It is crucial to check for roof leaks and get any repairs you need carried out.

Our team of trained and accredited roofers are always safe and secure, and we offer an emergency call out service. If you find a leak or roof damage and you need to get someone out as soon as possible, our team will be happy to help.

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