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The Importance of Kitchen Canopy Maintenance

January 19th, 2024

Last updated: January 19th, 2024

A kitchen canopy, also known as an exhaust hood or range hood, is a ventilation system designed to remove airborne grease, smoke, heat, and odours generated during cooking processes in a commercial kitchen or residential setting. It is typically placed over cooking appliances such as stoves, ovens, grills, or fryers. In this guide, we’re exploring the importance of kitchen canopy maintenance and some of the guidelines around keeping a kitchen canopy in top condition.

The main functions of a kitchen canopy include:

  • Smoke and Odour Removal: The canopy captures and extracts smoke and cooking odours produced during the cooking process, helping to maintain a cleaner and more comfortable kitchen environment.
  • Grease Filtration: The canopy contains filters that capture grease particles, preventing them from accumulating on surfaces in the kitchen. This helps to reduce fire hazards and the risk of grease buildup in ductwork, one issue that may be outlined in a fire risk assessment.
  • Heat Extraction: The ventilation system removes excess heat generated by cooking appliances, contributing to a cooler and more comfortable kitchen environment.
  • Air Quality Improvement: By removing airborne contaminants, a kitchen canopy helps improve indoor air quality, creating a healthier space for occupants.

Commercial kitchen canopies are often required by building codes and safety regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants.

This is such an important issue that HSE has a worksheet offering specific information “about adequate ventilation, the requirements of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, features of a good ventilation system, and the duties of the caterer, the building manager, designers and equipment installers when installing new equipment.”

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen canopy is one of the steps you can take to avoid issues, and to ensure that it is functioning as expected. We recommend that cleaning is part of the regular cleaning routine in the kitchen, along with periodic deep cleans. Ventilation maintenance and duct cleaning are something all commercial kitchens should undergo to keep the fire risk at a minimum as well as keep the kitchen clean and healthy. 

Commercial cleaning companies may work to the BESA TR19 Grease Specification Guide, the industry-recognised standard for commercial kitchen ductwork cleaning. It provides a guide to best practice in commercial kitchens and should be followed by any company that specialises in commercial cleaning. The framework was introduced by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) in 2019 to help prevent fire risks.

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Canopy Cleaning

Neglecting kitchen canopies in a commercial setting, and failing to properly maintain them can lead to several issues, posing risks to both the kitchen environment and the safety of the occupants. Here are some potential consequences of neglecting kitchen canopies:

  • Fire Hazard: One of the most significant risks is the potential for a fire. Grease buildup in the canopy and ductwork can become highly flammable, increasing the risk of a kitchen fire. Neglecting regular cleaning and maintenance may allow grease to accumulate and create a hazardous condition.
  • Repairs: Failing to keep it in the best-possible condition means a canopy hood can end up needing repairs. Eventually, ventilation systems do need repair or replacement, but keeping yours functional for as long as possible makes good sense, a bit like keeping a car in good condition. We’ve also seen sealant coming loose from the canopy, meaning chemicals leak through onto crucial kitchen surfaces and risk contamination.
  • Poor Air Quality: Without proper ventilation, airborne contaminants such as smoke, cooking odours, and grease particles can accumulate in the kitchen. This can result in poor indoor air quality, leading to discomfort for occupants and potential health issues.
  • Damage to Equipment: Over time, the accumulation of grease and other debris can damage the kitchen canopy and its components. This can result in the need for costly repairs or even the replacement of the entire ventilation system.
  • Non-compliance with Regulations: If it is deemed to be a fire hazard then neglecting the canopies can lead to legal issues, fines, or closure of the establishment. Also, keeping clean air circulating is the responsibility of the employer and business owner.
  • Increased Energy Costs: An inefficient kitchen canopy may require more energy to operate, leading to higher energy bills. Regular maintenance helps ensure that the ventilation system operates at peak efficiency.

Kitchen canopies, ventilation systems, and hoods can be cleaned and maintained as part of a regular planned preventative maintenance system. 

Robinsons Facilities Services can provide commercial kitchen duct cleaning services as part of our planned preventative maintenance packages. We understand the importance of keeping your commercial kitchen clean and safe, and our team of experienced engineers is on hand to help.

Working across Yorkshire, we cover North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and offer a fast, efficient response time to all breakdowns and repairs. Contact us today for all planned, reactive maintenance or emergency call out. Call 01423 226578 or get in touch to see how Robinsons Facilities Services can help.

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