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What is an LPG Boiler? Beginners’ Guide to LPG

December 30th, 2022

Last updated: January 18th, 2023

There are a lot of different choices when you are looking for a boiler, and for commercial premises they can be a great choice. So what is an LPG boiler? Is LPG a good choice for commercial businesses and what are some of the pros and cons?

In this guide, we explain a little about LPG and whether it is a good choice for the environment and for economic purposes, and also go through some pros and cons comparing to gas boilers and other boiler types.

What is LPG?

LPG is Liquid Petroleum Gas. This means a substance that is a blend of hydrogen and carbon (hydrocarbon) that comes in liquid form and is stored within bottles. LPG gas is also popular for cars, and can be used to run vehicles that have been converted.

As the name of this post suggests, LPG can also be used as the fuel for boilers, including commercial boilers.

What is an LPG Boiler?

An LPG boiler doesn’t necessarily function in a different way, at least not in the eyes of the end user. It functions largely in the same way, but LPG gas doesn’t feed from a central source like other gas boilers. Instead, you need to have a storage tank. For commercial boilers this might need to be a large amount to keep your boiler running for long periods of time and to fuel multiple boilers.

LPG boilers make a good option for off-grid commercial properties due to the fact that you can store the fuel rather than have it fed via a tap.

The mechanism of the boiler itself functions in a very similar way to models that use other fuel sources. The LPG is burned in order to generate heat energy and this is then distributed through pipes to the water tank and to radiators, providing the heat required around the building.

Considerations Around LPG Boilers For Commercial Use

Of course, when choosing a type of boiler for commercial use you need to take your time and make some wise decisions rather than just jump in and buy the first thing you see.

A lot of people who use LPG boilers do so because they do not have access to other sources of gas or fuel. This means that having a fuel source that can allow them to be “off grid” can make all the difference. For instance, if you are running a very remote hotel or lodge, or a factory that does not have mains gas attached. This means that you need a fuel source for your boiler such as LPG.

Other considerations around LPG boilers and whether they are likely to be suitable for you include:

  • Storage space. You need to have somewhere to keep the LPG itself. This means you might need space for a lot of volume, especially if you are looking to run a boiler for a large commercial premises.
  • Price of the fuel. LPG prices can fluctuate and they may be more expensive than some other forms of fuel. Be sure to check the market and do some rough sums to see if this makes sense.
  • Access to support. With our PPM schedule you can ensure that your LPG boiler is always serviced and functioning to its full efficiency.

Benefits of LPG

There are some reasons to consider LPG beyond the fact that this is an option for “off-grid” properties. LPG is known to be better for the environment, meaning less emissions from your commercial property if you use this form of energy.

LPG is also a very good option for those looking to save space on the actual boiler. With modern boiler technology there are actually some very compact LPG boilers.

With such a lot of LPG boilers in circulation, it is also easy to get the boiler repaired or serviced as required with plenty of trained and accredited professionals who can help you.

Among the companies available to help in Yorkshire and the North of England is Robinsons Facilities Services. We design a maintenance schedule that is unique to you and takes into account your operational circumstances, so contact us today and put your LPG boiler maintenance needs in our safe hands.

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