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Why We All Need to Consider the Importance of Ventilation

July 7th, 2020

Last updated: December 19th, 2023

Employers should be looking at every last detail in order to create a safe and comfortable workplace for their employees and a welcoming facility for visitors and customers. The importance of ventilation in this process is huge, and ensures fresh and safe air can circulate through the workplace.

In the modern age, people are much more aware that, where possible, social distancing and clinical cleanliness and disinfection is required. However, there are sensible moves you can make as an employer to facilitate good practice and help your employees operate efficiently and safely. One of these is providing good ventilation.

Regardless of whether there are particular viruses and illnesses spreading around the population, ventilation is something all workplaces should consider.

The benefits of good ventilation in the workplace can’t be understated. It can help create a clean environment with fresh, circulating air. Germs, bacteria and virus infections can grow in environments where air is stale and doesn’t move around. Even opening doors and windows can help with this, but the ventilation systems Robinsons Facilities Services look after are ideal for providing safe internal conditions, as long as you keep them serviced and maintained and operating to their intended specifications.

Which Businesses Should Consider The Importance of Ventilation in a Building?

The short answer is that all businesses should think about their ventilation. There are certain locations within a business that you might give a higher focus to than others. For instance, kitchen ventilation is crucial to ensure the flow of fresh air prevents a buildup of vapour and fumes as well as potential fire risks.

The importance of ventilation in schools, offices, and other locations where people gather is often overlooked somewhat, but getting fresh air flowing is crucial, especially in the modern age as we become so much more health conscious.

Of course, in businesses where harmful substances are used or extreme heat is generated then ventilation is even more crucial to consider.

The Benefits of Good Ventilation

Speak to us about the air conditioning and ventilation systems we work with. We can explain the importance of cleaning coils, ducting and filters and replacing parts to ensure the system is operating efficiently and you are not using more energy than necessary and are cleaning the air as effectively as you can.

This makes financial sense but also assures yourself, your employees and your visitors that you are providing and maintaining a safe, clean and well-ventilated working environment, where the risk of spreading disease or infection is minimised.

As an employer, you have a duty to those people who come into contact with your workplace, but also now to the wider population, and the health implications your management has. So good ventilation is important in protecting your workplace, but also in protecting the institutions under pressure to look after the nation’s health.

Besides the undeniable importance of ventilation in a building to ensure that potentially harmful particles are removed from the air, but there are other benefits of excellent ventilation:

  • Reducing condensation. Condensation can be one of the primary contributing factors to damaging buildings, and without ventilation it can build up and even cause structural damage. Condensation is also harmful for some allergies.
  • Lowering the temperature. If you are working in locations that can get particularly warm then ventilating and removing the hot air can be helpful for maintaining safe temperatures.
  • Removing bacteria and other unwanted substances. This can include pollutants, and even unwanted smells that may otherwise build up. If your work can create unpleasant smells, such as the way certain manufacturing processes do, this can be very helpful. Ventilation can also remove pollutants from the air.
  • Avoiding other health issues. Did you know that as well as allergies, certain types of headaches, asthma, rashes and sinusitis have all been linked to poor ventilation. The NHS even treats something called “sick building syndrome” and recognises the importance of ventilation in a building to prevent it.

Experienced Air Conditioning and Ventilation Engineers

Robinsons Facilities Services have experience in various different industry sectors where people gather in enclosed environments, such as education buildings, healthcare facilities, offices, leisure facilities and industrial settings. A good air conditioning or ventilation system helps to purify the air in these premises by removing stale air from the building and replacing it with fresh air pumped in from outside.

Working constantly during working hours, this is as close as you can get to ensuring fresh air and safe parameters in a working environment. This practice also reduces absenteeism through general illness and improves efficiencies by keeping people alert, motivated and focused.

Investment in a good air conditioning or ventilation system is cost effective over a period of time as temperature is maintained as stable, so you don’t have to adjust your ambient room temperature dramatically from hot or cold conditions.

If a system is ticking over maintaining a steady temperature, you are using less energy, which is great for your utility bills and your carbon footprint. Simply installing great ventilation systems isn’t always enough, and aspects of it also need to be maintained. For instance, duct cleaning is a crucial element of maintaining the quality of the airflow and avoiding buildups of unwanted bacteria or even fungal growths in ducting.

Ready to make steps to improve your ventilation? Contact us today about air conditioning and ventilation, and we can work with you to make your workplace safe, efficient and welcoming.

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