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Why We’re One of Yorkshire’s Most Accredited HVAC Companies

March 24th, 2020

Last updated: October 7th, 2022

One of the most important pillars that we base our business on is being recognised for our standards and quality. This is crucial in any business sector, but particularly in HVAC, where critical standards and sometimes legal obligations dictate that organisations are third-party recognised and approved.

Most of our customers would agree that we excel in all areas, such as air conditioning, boilers and heating, gas safety, plumbing and electrical work. But standards are so important in these industries that a simple commitment to quality isn’t enough, this also has to be formally recognised in order for customers to be satisfied they are getting the required level of service, skill and expertise.

New Accreditations

This means that accreditations are crucial in the HVAC industry and are the currency through which organisations can genuinely claim to have a commitment to quality and high standards. Robinsons Facilities Services have recently been awarded three new accreditations to add to our ever-growing list, and which act to demonstrate that we are an organisation with excellence at every level and in every department.

Our most recent accreditations supplement our existing approvals which largely cover the core operations of the business. These new awards, however, concentrate more on the service levels of Robinsons Facilities Services, which impact on the customer in a different way:

  • Prompt Payment Code: The Prompt Payment Code is administered by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and covers prompt payment, as well as wider payment procedures, such as giving clear guidance, help and communication to suppliers and encouraging good practice throughout the supply chain.
  • Mindful employer: Robinsons Facilities Services provides its employees with access to professional workplace mental health training, information and advice, and this has empowered us to support the mental wellbeing of our staff.
  • Cyber Essentials: We have put systems and controls in place to guard against the most common cyber threats and to demonstrate our commitment to cyber security, which includes customer records and data.

These new accreditations recognise our all-round customer service levels in addition to our HVAC-specific approvals. We are very proud of all our accreditations and we feel this wider recognition demonstrates our long-established prominence as a leading name in the HVAC industry, where accreditation is often a legal requirement in order to be able to operate.

Why are Accreditations Important to HVAC Organisations?

Accreditation allows an organisation to stand out, and is a fast-track method through which a potential customer can immediately understand the experience and proficiency an organisation holds. In terms of contractor selection in a very competitive industry, this is absolutely essential. Our long list of accreditations offers immediate confirmation of our credibility and status, even if you are not already aware of our specialist knowledge and experience.

Our existing accreditations include:

  • GAS SAFE registered
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • REFCOM F-Gas certified
  • OFTEC – registered oil/heating business
  • Constructionline
  • ALTIUS assured vendor
  • NAPIT-approved electrician
  • ISO9001 – international quality management systems
  • IWFM – Institute of Workplace & Facilities Management

These amply demonstrate our elite status as an industry-wide purveyor of excellence, and this means you can be assured that all our personnel are suitable trained, equipped and qualified, whichever HVAC discipline we have been appointed for. It also means that we are linked to organisations offering the best information and training, the very latest technology and the means through which our employees are continually re-assessed to ensure they maintain these standards.

Next time you work with Robinsons Facilities Services, ask our staff about their accreditations. They will happily discuss how our third party approvals help us deliver the very best standard of service and expertise to you, and help keep Robinsons Facilities Services at the very top of the HVAC industry.

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