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Winter Is Coming! Get Your Boiler Serviced Now!

November 6th, 2018

Last updated: April 26th, 2023

It may seem that every year at around this time, we see hyperbolic newspaper reports claiming the ‘big freeze’ is coming and we are about to experience a nightmare winter of minus temperatures and months of ice and snow. This year is no different, but it does seem that there is finally some substance to these reports, and hence, businesses are being urged to plan accordingly in terms of their boiler maintenance and the welfare of their employees.

Whether or not the ‘hellish’ winter that is being predicted materialises, it makes absolute sense to have a commercial boiler serviced in readiness for winter, because we all know that temperatures will plummet to some extent, and that can cause major problems and disruption for businesses.

Average winter temperatures in the UK are around 3.7˚C between December-February, and this year these could be even colder than that.

Why Condenser Boilers Struggle with Freezing Temperatures

Falling temperatures put increasing pressure on boilers, and particularly so if a business hasn’t been using the boiler much, due to the summer temperatures and a relatively mild autumn so far. Most modern boilers are condenser boilers, and while these are fantastic in terms of energy-efficiency and carbon footprint, they don’t handle freezing temperatures very well. So it makes absolute sense to prevent having a disgruntled workforce, and possibly even having to close the business temporarily, by servicing your boiler and pre-empting any issues.

Condenser boilers are efficient because they re-use waste gas to heat water. The moisture in the gas is condensed and must be expelled outside via a waste pipe. In cold weather this can freeze and may even burst, leaving you without heat and hot water for a period of time, and in periods of extreme temperatures you may struggle to get hold of emergency assistance, if you don’t have a service and maintenance contract in place that includes 24/7 cover.

Other boiler problems that can occur in freezing temperatures include:

  • Regular water pipes freezing, preventing water getting to the boiler
  • Turning the thermostat up high to create more heat can put general pressure on the boiler
  • Blockages or problems with the ignition system can cause the pilot light to go out

The Benefits of a Boiler Service in Readiness for Winter

A pre-winter service can prevent a lot of these problems, and will:

  • Check pipework, water flow and leaks
  • Check for blockages of pipework and flue
  • Check health of burners and fan
  • Check the system pressure

It is too important to the health of your employees and the health of your business not to get your boiler serviced in readiness for winter. This will give you peace of mind regardless of how extreme the weather is, you will get a professional service and you will get 24/7 emergency cover and availability of spare parts. Call us, Robinsons Facilities Services, today on 01423 226578  and our experts will speak with you to understand the demands of your business, and to tailor a service and maintenance package that is right for you.


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