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All Commercial Services

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Covering everything from catering equipment to ventilation services.

At Robinsons Facilities Services we can offer specialist advice in a wide range of commercial areas, continuing our commitment to customer care and ensuring the highest standard of work.

Our range of other services include (but is not limited to):

Electrical Repairs & Maintenance

We can repair, maintain and service all your commercial electrical equipment, carrying out safety checks, risk assessments, and making sure your systems are compliant, whilst also ensuring we keep your business running. This involves general wiring, machine installations, security systems, lighting, safety systems and portable appliances.

Lifting and hoisting equipment

Lifting equipment has to be tested either six monthly or twelve monthly and the frequency is determined by the LOLER Approved Code of Practice. Testing programmes include inspection for wear and signs of defects, plus some non-destructive testing, dependent on a risk assessment. We can do an audit of your equipment, risk assessments, design a schedule of inspection and testing, routinely carry this out and also implement corrective actions.

Catering equipment

We work with commercial kitchens, pubs, restaurants, hotels and other areas of the hospitality industry to ensure health and safety standards are maintained. This involves general standards of cleanliness, food safety and maintaining equipment.

Electrically Operated Doors

It is a legal requirement that electrically operated doors, including roller shutter doors and access doors, are inspected and tested annually as a minimum. We can assist with testing procedures and implement a maintenance programme to ensure any type of electrically operated door remains fit for purpose and compliant with your duties as an employer.

RPZ Valves

Testing of an RPZ valve must be carried out by an accredited tester approved by the Water Supply Industry. Testing should be carried out annually as a minimum, or more frequently as specified by the Water Supplier. We can assist in advising the frequency of the testing and ensuring compliance is met.

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing involves the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. The frequency of inspection and testing depends upon the type of equipment and the environment it is used in. We can provide guidance on the suggested frequency for your site.

CCTV Maintenance

The use of CCTV is becoming more and more popular, and ensuring it is maintained is important. The frequency of maintenance is dependent on the location, however it is recommended that the system is fully checked by a professional on an annual basis to rectify any problems early on an increase the lifespan of the system.

Lightning Protection

For lightning protection systems to function as designed in the event of a lightning strike, it is essential that the system is maintained and kept in good order. To comply with BS6651 and BSEN 62305, lightning protection systems require to be tested and certified on an annual basis. We can arrange one off checks or repairs or annual servicing.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm Maintenance is vital within a commercial setting, we can arrange for the maintenance of specialist items including fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire risk assessments. The UK fire alarm regulations state that your system should be adequately maintained which BS 5839 have recommended to be at least every 6 months.

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