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Boiler Burner Maintenance

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Boiler Burner Maintenance

Robinsons Facilities Services can provide fast-response assistance as well as a regular maintenance schedule for your commercial boiler. Whatever type of boiler you have on your property, a regular commercial boiler service is essential, and without it, you may void your warranty.

By working with Robinsons, you can ensure access to accredited, dedicated boiler engineers in Yorkshire and unrivalled industry knowledge.

Types of Boilers We Service

There are numerous types of boilers, all of which need regular commercial boiler maintenance. Biomass, oil, gas, LPG electric, and steam boilers may all be included in commercial premises.

Why You Need a Commercial Boiler Service

A regularly-serviced boiler is an efficient boiler. Not only will it use less energy and, therefore, cost you less money to run, but it will also last longer. A commercial boiler service can identify potential issues early on before they have a chance to develop into costly problems or even emergency repairs.

Upon commercial boiler commissioning, your boiler should be functioning at its full potential, but servicing ensures that it functions as closely as possible to this level of efficiency.

How Often Do You Need a Commercial Boiler Service?

To protect your commercial boiler and prevent any boiler breakdown, you should service your commercial boiler at least once every 12 months. This will also ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible, which can save you money on your energy bills.

Basic Boiler Service or Full Commercial Boiler Service?

A basic boiler service is helpful. It involves a basic inspection of the commercial boiler, and some simple checks depending on the type of boiler you have. This can help to spot any issues.

A full service involves a more detailed check of your boiler, often including:

  • Issuing a compliance certificate
  • Performing commercial boiler cleaning
  • Checking the flues (if relevant)
  • Inspection of relevant electronics
  • Calibration of the boiler

If you want to keep your commercial boiler operating at its top potential, a full service is recommended.

What a Full Commercial Boiler Service Involves

A commercial boiler service involves a registered boiler engineer carrying out a series of safety checks on your boiler.

Many people are familiar with a British Gas commercial boiler service, suitable only for gas boilers. This may include checking the gas pressure, testing the flue, and checking for any leaks.

Servicing oil boilers involves a similar process, checking the boiler for any leaks, ensuring adequate ventilation, cleaning the fan, flues, and other parts of the boiler and visually inspecting the oil tank.

Commercial boiler cleaning is usually a part of the process, whichever type of boiler you have. This is important to prevent a build-up of soot and/or debris, which can be dangerous. 

While commercial boiler maintenance and servicing varies depending on what type of boiler you have, a full service can provide you with a compliance certificate, often required for warranties and insurance.

Who Can Service a Boiler?

Robinsons has trained engineers to service all types of boilers. OFTEC qualified engineers are able to service oil boilers while Gas Safe engineers are required for LPG and gas boilers.

Each type of boiler has its own regulations regarding who can install and maintain the boiler, so you need to ensure you are working with accredited, experienced individuals.

We’ve also filmed a video about the do’s and don’ts of boiler maintenance which you can watch to learn more.

Robinsons Facilities Services – Commercial Boiler Servicing in Yorkshire

Our service and maintenance systems are built on a principle of quality, in terms of both service and technical skill. We only use the best, accredited engineers working throughout Yorkshire, and we only use the best products and parts.

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Boiler Burner Maintenance FAQs

It depends on the circumstances, but there are scenarios where a boiler burner can be replaced, saving you money and extending the lifespan of the boiler.

If your boiler is properly maintained and taken care of then you may get 15 years or longer out of the burner, even in a commercial setting.

Boiler burners provide the heat for the water in your boiler system, and work a little bit like a blowtorch heating something. In this case, they are heating a water tank.

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