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Commercial Alarm Systems

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Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems can sound when there is an intruder on business premises, but there are also a variety of other smart features they can offer, including immediately alerting security professionals.

A commercial intruder alarm may also connect to other devices. A smart alarm system can collect footage or even contact you if there is a sign of a break in.

Commercial alarm systems should be regularly maintained and properly looked after to make sure they are effective. Robinsons Facilities Services can maintain and test your alarm system, and our experienced and accredited professionals can advise you on the proper maintenance methods for your property and security.

Businesses that can benefit most from commercial intruder alarm systems are usually those with high-value stock or equipment, businesses located in areas with a high crime rate, or businesses that operate overnight. Alarms can be linked to CCTV systems.

Do I Have to Have a Commercial Alarm System?

Businesses don’t have an obligation to have a commercial intruder alarm system, however, depending on your commercial insurance policy, you may find that having an alarm system in place could lower your insurance premiums.

Talk to your commercial insurer about the security measures you have in place and see if installing a commercial alarm system could give you a discount on your business insurance policy.

If your insurance policy already takes into account the security measure on your premises, it is even more vital that you keep the alarms in an excellent state of repair.

Types of Commercial Alarm Systems in The UK

There are a few different types of alarm systems, ranging from the simple systems that sound a bell, to the more complex systems with smart technology.

The most common commercial intruder alarm systems are:

Monitored Alarm Systems

A monitored commercial alarm system is one where the security company receives an immediate notification if the alarm is triggered.

Bells Only Alarms

A bells only commercial alarm system is the most basic type of commercial alarm system. It will make a loud noise if the sensors are triggered, but it won’t notify anyone else unless someone at the premises hears it.

Smart Alarm Systems

A smart commercial alarm system is one that uses technology to immediately contact you or your security company if there is a sign of a break-in.

Some smart commercial alarm systems can also collect footage or even contact the police directly.

Commercial Alarm System Maintenance

We recommend that your commercial alarm system is closely monitored for any issues. As well as performing some simple checks and tests yourself, you should get regular planned preventative maintenance. Annual testing and maintenance of commercial alarm systems are sensible and may be required within your insurance policy.

A commercial alarm system test may include:

  • A visual check of the system and its condition
  • A check of the power supply, batteries, and cabling
  • An operational test of the system

If you run commercial premises with an intruder alarm system anywhere in Yorkshire, get in touch with Robinsons Facilities Services. We can help you to make sure that your commercial alarm system is properly maintained and in good working order.

Commercial alarm systems can save your business in the event of a break-in, but only if they are properly maintained. Smart features like alerts and footage collection can also help to improve your business’ security.

Talk to us today about commercial alarm system maintenance and see how we can help you keep your property safe. We also offer an emergency repairs service and 24/7 call outs in case you should need help at short notice.

Working across Yorkshire, we cover North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and offer a fast, efficient response time to all breakdowns and repairs. Contact us today for all planned, reactive maintenance or emergency call out. Call 01423 226578 or get in touch to see how Robinsons Facilities Services can help.

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