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Commercial Boiler Commissioning

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Commercial Boiler Commissioning

When you have a new commercial boiler installed, a certificate must be issued alongside it. This helps to ensure that the boiler is functioning at its maximum potential and that you have met your health and safety obligations.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, we can issue the necessary certification on your HVAC equipment including your gas, oil, or LPG boilers.

We have many clients who contact us after a new installation is completed by an M&E contractor or if they have had a refurbishment of their current premises. Our experts have a wealth of experience in commercial boiler commissioning and can help you get your boiler ready in a commercial setting and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

We also offer commissioning services for those who want to upgrade their heating systems or have moved to a new property.

What is Boiler Commissioning?

Commercial boiler commissioning is a process that ensures your commercial boiler is working as it should be and up to the required safety standards, and working to the optimum efficiency.

As one of our industrial boiler services, a commissioning engineer will visit your property and carry out a number of tests on the boiler. They will work to a checklist, helping to ensure that common boiler issues are avoided.

Commissioning varies depending on the type of boiler, and some manufacturer specifications will state what sort of checks need to be carried out. Whether you are working with gas, oil or LPG boilers, our team of professionals in the North East of England can help with commissioning.

Boiler Commissioning Checklist

As mentioned above, the experienced professional who is commissioning your boiler will usually work to a specific checklist.

Below is an idea of the sort of thing this usually entails:

  • Cleansing the system. This can prevent Black Magnetite flowing in the system and potentially damaging the heat exchange.
  • Checking the flue and air supply. This is to ensure that combustion takes place correctly and safely.
  • Making sure the boiler has been set up correctly, including the correct fuel and water pressure.
  • Testing the safety devices on the boiler.
  • Ensuring electrical wiring complies with regulations.

Of course, the above is just a rough guideline and a lot will depend on the type of boiler. Our expert boiler engineers commission boilers of all types across the whole of Yorkshire, and work to different checklists based on the model of boilers.

We also offer repair and installation services for boilers. Gas boilers are commissioned in line with The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations and engineers are highly trained and on the Gas Safe Register

Benefits of Boiler Commissioning

There are many benefits to commissioning your commercial boiler, not least of which is safety. By ensuring that your boiler is working as it should be, you can avoid potential problems and ensure the safety of both staff and customers. You need to meet your legal obligations when it comes to safety.

Commissioning a commercial boiler can also help to improve its efficiency. A poorly performing or incorrectly installed boiler can use more energy and cost your business more.

You may also need to get your boiler commissioned to qualify for a warranty. The certificate issued can help you to prove that you are also keeping employees safe in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

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Whether you are moving into new premises, refurbishing your Yorkshire premises, or getting a new boiler system installed in Yorkshire, our expert engineers can help. We have engineers who are experienced in working with all types and manufacturers of boilers.

Call all our Yorkshire head office on 01423 2262578 to discuss your boiler installation, repair, and commissioning needs.

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Commercial Boiler Commissioning FAQs

Yes, when installing a new boiler, commissioning it is a formal check and process required by law in the UK.

To ‘commission’ a boiler is a process of carrying out checks and tests to ensure it will function safely, as required, and in line with laws and industry standards. This is a separate process from installation.

Along with installation, this process can take between one and three days, but it depends on the size of the unit, challenges of installing, and the complexity of your system.

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