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Commercial Boiler Commissioning

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Commercial Boiler Commissioning

When you have a new commercial boiler installed, it must be commissioned before use. This ensures optimum performance, efficiency, and energy savings. Commercial boiler commissioning is also a legal requirement under Building Regulations and gas safety guidelines.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, our team of Gas Safe registered engineers can install and commission all types of commercial boilers, including gas, oil, or LPG boilers.

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Alternatively, find out more about commercial boiler commissioning and our approach below.

What Is Boiler Commissioning?

Commercial boiler commissioning is a procedure that involves making sure your new or upgraded commercial boiler is installed and operating correctly. It must meet the required safety standards outlined by the Heating and Hot Water Council (HHIC). 

As one of our industrial boiler services, a commissioning engineer will visit your property and carry out several tests on the boiler. They will follow the HHIC checklist, helping to ensure that common boiler issues are avoided.

Commissioning varies depending on the type of boiler, and some manufacturer specifications will state what sort of checks need to be carried out. Whatever type of commercial boiler you have, our team of Gas Safe registered engineers is on hand across Yorkshire for all commissioning needs. 

Boiler Commissioning Checklist

As mentioned above, commercial boiler commissioning is performed by a professional Gas Safe registered engineer who will follow a checklist provided by the HHIC. 

We’ve outlined what commercial boiler commissioning involves below.

Cleansing the system

After installation, the boiler system must be cleansed/flushed as per the manufacturer’s specifications. This can prevent Black Magnetite from flowing into the system and potentially damaging the heat exchange.

Adding a corrosion inhibitor and refilling

Once the system is cleansed, a corrosion inhibitor should be added. This helps to protect radiators, prevent the formation of hydrogen gas, and increase boiler efficiency. Overall, it reduces the risk of corrosion which means fewer repairs are required.

Checking the gas flue analyser and air supply

We will then do a gas flue test to measure the flue gases. All measurements must be filled out in the benchmark book. Your Gas Safe engineer will make any necessary adjustments based on your boiler’s readings.

Gas rating test

The gas rate tolerance of the boiler must also be checked to ensure there are no blockages. This step is crucial if your Gas Safe engineer connected your boiler to a new pipe.

Adjusting the boiler output

Commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes. As such, your commercial boiler must be adjusted to cater to your specific space to ensure it’s as energy-efficient as it can be.

Gas tightness test

A gas tightness test measures the pressure of the gas running from the meter to the boiler. This test ensures that the pipework can handle the gas pressure and that there are no leaks.

Registering the boiler guarantee

Your engineer will then go ahead and register the guarantee for your commercial boiler. Once this is done, they will explain the guarantee to you and go over how your boiler works. 

It’s important to work with a reputable company when it comes to commercial boiler commissioning. At Robinsons Facilities Services, all of our engineers are highly trained and on the Gas Safe Register. 

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Commercial Boiler Commissioning Yorkshire

Robinsons Facilities Services is a local provider of commercial boiler commissioning across Yorkshire and the north. Our expert engineers have decades of experience working on all types of commercial boilers.

Along with commercial boiler commissioning, we also offer:

Trust Robinsons Facilities Services to keep your commercial boiler running at optimal performance all year round.

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Planned Preventative Maintenance

As part of our bespoke Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) package, we’ll work with you to create a maintenance schedule that suits you. Our engineers will keep on top of all of your commercial boiler needs, so you can stay focused on your core business.

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Reactive Only Service

Need a once-off boiler service or commissioning? We’ve got you covered. 

For those who prefer a more “as a when” service, we also offer a fast and reliable reactive-only service across the entire Yorkshire region.

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Emergency Commercial Boiler Repair

Emergency? Our 24-7-365 emergency call-out service means you’ll never need to worry about boiler issues. We offer quick and efficient response times throughout Yorkshire.

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Whether you’re moving into new premises, refurbishing your Yorkshire premises, or getting a new boiler system installed, our professional engineers can help.

Call our Yorkshire head office today on 01423 2262578 or send us an enquiry to discuss your boiler installation, repair, and commissioning needs.

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Commercial Boiler Commissioning FAQs

Yes, commercial boiler commissioning is required by law when installing a new boiler in the UK. 

To ‘commission’ a boiler is a process of carrying out checks and tests to ensure it will function safely, as required, and in line with laws and industry standards. This is a separate process from installation.

Along with installation, this process can take between one and three days. It depends on several factors, such as the size of the unit, the challenges of installation, and the complexity of your system.

A commercial boiler must be commissioned after installation by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The cost of commercial boiler commissioning typically ranges from around £300 to £1500. Costs vary depending on factors, including the size of the boiler, the make/model, and the complexity of the system. Get a free quote now.

Your Gas Safe engineers will issue you with a comprehensive report after successful commissioning. It will detail all readings and confirmation tests conducted, an assessment of findings, boiler efficiency graphs across loads, and benchmark ratings certified by the commissioning engineer.

We recommend getting your commercial boiler serviced at least once every 12 months to ensure it’s performing safely and efficiently long-term post-commissioning.

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