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Commercial Oil Fired Boilers

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Commercial Oil Fired Boilers

Commercial oil fired boilers are still a mainstay in a huge number of properties around the UK, including commercial properties. If you have an existing boiler and you require maintenance and repairs, or if you have decided upon oil fired boiler installation for your premises, we can help.

To get access to the most professional oil boiler servicing, contact Robinsons Facilities Services and you can rely on rapid-response assistance to keep your business running. Our team has OFTEC boiler registration so you can rest assured of their expertise when you book your commercial oil boiler servicing or repair.

Commercial Oil Boiler Service in Yorkshire

We understand how businesses rely on boilers and fuel sources, which is why we have a dedicated team of expert engineers that specialise in boiler services, and install and maintain boilers across Yorkshire.

Oil boilers are reliable and suitable for installations where gas is not an option. They will also last a long time if maintained and serviced regularly by an oil boiler professional.

Servicing your boiler can have numerous benefits, and forms part of your legal requirement to maintain safe business premises. Servicing benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency and lower running costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions – helping you to meet your business goals
  • The potential for an extended boiler life
  • Fewer breakdowns, meaning less disruption to your business

Most businesses opt for commercial oil boiler servicing at least every six months, especially if they run the sort of business that is constantly running a boiler and operating 24/7. We can issue a compliance certificate, giving you proof that your boiler has been checked and tested.

What Does a Commercial Oil Boiler Service include?

  • Check oil line/flexible hose for leaks
  • Isolate appliance oil filter remove and replace
  • Strip and clean boiler nozzle and filter
  • Clean and adjust flame probe
  • Clean boiler burner chamber
  • Clean boiler flue ways
  • Check /clean fan
  • Flue/flue termination
  • Check for adequate ventilation
  • Fusible link- for correct rating and position
  • Fire boiler and check:
  • Correct operation of appliance flame failure device through to lockout and reset.
  • Correct operation of fusible link regarding isolation of oil supply
  • Appliance combustion adjusting oils pressure/air ratio in line with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Issue Compliance Certification

Oil Storage:

  • Check commercial oil tank condition and that there are no visible signs of leakage
  • Bunding / retaining (where applicable) check integrity for signs of deterioration
  • Oil tank is corrosion protected
  • Oil tank is adequately supported
  • Oil tank content gauge- check reading and gauge integrity
  • Overfill alarm – check for correct operation
  • Inline filter /strainer cleaned
  • All isolation valves are working correctly
  • Tank room (if applicable) is correctly ventilated

Oil Fired Boiler Repairs

A lot of oil boilers that are currently installed in business premises are well into their lifecycle and it is possible that they could develop issues, which could even be hazardous.

Make sure that at the first sign of any boiler breakdown or in the event of an emergency, you contact our expert, OFTEC-registered engineers.

This will give you 24/7/365 access to our fully trained and accredited staff and peace of mind that your commercial oil tanks and boilers are being looked after by the best boiler engineers in Yorkshire.

Our Commercial Oil Boiler Services

If you contact us today we can start to design a dedicated planned preventive maintenance schedule that is tailored to your organisation anywhere in Yorkshire and the North East. We can also provide emergency repair services.

Our maintenance programmes ensure you are kept running at optimum efficiency and are safeguarded against everyday breakdowns through natural wear and tear.

Our service and maintenance systems are built on a principle of quality, in terms of both service and technical skill. We only use the best engineers and the best products and spare parts. So, if you are based in Yorkshire or the North of England, contact us today and we can ensure your oil boiler maintenance and repair worries don’t last long.

Working across Yorkshire, we cover North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and offer a fast, efficient response time to all breakdowns and repairs. Contact us today for all planned, reactive maintenance or emergency call out. Call 01423 226578 or get in touch to see how Robinsons Facilities Services can help.

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Commercial Oil Fired Boilers FAQs

An oil fired boiler requires Building Regulations approval due to the fact that they must meet energy efficiency requirements, as well as numerous safety considerations in commercial properties.

Oil fired boilers may be noisier than some other options due to the sound of the combustion within, but in most modern designs this is not particularly noticeable, especially in some busy commercial environments.

If you are getting your oil fired boiler checked or repaired, ensure that you use an OFTEC-registered technician to carry out the work professionally.

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