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Commercial Oil Fired Boilers

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Commercial Boilers, Heating & Hot Water

Commercial Oil Fired Boilers

Commercial oil fired boilers are still used in many properties around the UK, including commercial ones. If you require commercial oil fired boiler service, repair, or installation, we can help.

Robinsons Facilities Services offers rapid-response assistance from OFTEC-registered technicians to keep your business running. Contact us today at 01423 226578 or send an enquiry for more information or a free quote.

What Is a Commercial Oil Fired Boiler?

A commercial oil boiler is a large, high-capacity heating system designed for commercial spaces. It burns oil stored in an external tank to heat water or generate steam, which is distributed via pipes to provide heating/hot water. Oil boilers are common in commercial premises as they reliably generate ample hot water/steam to meet high demands.

Benefits of Commercial Oil Boiler Maintenance

Commercial oil boilers are reliable and are often suitable for installations where gas is not an option. If maintained and serviced regularly by an oil boiler professional, they can have a long lifespan.

Servicing your boiler can have numerous benefits and forms part of your legal requirement to maintain safe business premises. Servicing benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency and lower running costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions – helping you to meet your business goals
  • The potential for an extended boiler life
  • Fewer breakdowns, meaning less disruption to your business

How Often Should I Service My Oil Boiler?

Most businesses opt for commercial oil-fired boiler servicing at least every six months, but this depends greatly on boiler use. Trust our OFTEC-registered technicians to advise you on the recommended service frequency for your oil-fired boiler. After each service, we’ll issue a compliance certificate as proof that your boiler has been checked and tested.

What Does a Commercial Oil Boiler Service Include?

A commercial oil boiler service carried out by one of Robinsons Facilities Services technicians will include:

  • Inspecting boiler, tanks, pipes
  • Checking flue venting
  • Testing all safety controls
  • Tuning and adjusting the burner
  • Flushing/descaling system
  • Checking the expansion tank and refilling as needed
  • Verifying safe, efficient operation

The goal is to keep your commercial boiler operating safely and efficiently through proactive maintenance and repairs.

Commercial Oil Fired Boiler Maintenance Yorkshire: Our Services

At Robinsons Facilities Services, our expert OFTEC-registered technicians have decades of experience in all commercial oil boiler maintenance services, including:

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) 

It’s always best to deal with potential problems before they materialise, and planned preventive maintenance of your commercial oil fired boiler addresses just that. 

At Robinsons Facilities Services, we will work together to create a bespoke planned preventative maintenance schedule for your commercial oil boiler so you can get on with business. Our expert engineers are even available 24/7/365 in case of emergencies.

Learn more about Planned Preventative Maintenance →

Commercial Oil Fired Boiler Repair and Servicing

Ageing commercial oil boilers can pose safety risks if not regularly serviced and repaired. So, in addition to maintenance services, we also offer oil boiler reactive repair services. Our OFTEC-registered technicians work on all models of oil boilers and understand their intricate details, meaning we can quickly diagnose any issues and get your boiler back up and running safely.

Commercial Oil Fired Boiler Installation

Our fully accredited team of engineers offers commercial boiler installation and replacement across Yorkshire. All our technicians are registered with Gas Safe and OFTEC, so you can expect the highest possible standard of service. Contact us today, and we can advise you on the right type of boiler for your business.

Why Choose Robinsons Facilities Services?

  • Adaptable prices
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • OFTEC-registered technicians
  • Years of experience
  • Full Yorkshire coverage

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For expert oil boiler repairs, servicing, and maintenance in Yorkshire and throughout the north of England, call our head office on 01423 226578 or send an enquiry, and we’ll get back to you.

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Commercial Oil Fired Boilers FAQs

An oil fired boiler requires Building Regulations approval due to the fact that they must meet energy efficiency requirements, as well as numerous safety considerations in commercial properties.

Oil fired boilers may be noisier than some other options due to the sound of the combustion within, but in most modern designs this is not particularly noticeable, especially in some busy commercial environments.

If you are getting your oil fired boiler checked or repaired, ensure that you use an OFTEC-registered technician to carry out the work professionally.

On average, a standard service for a commercial oil fired boiler starts at around £80. This cost can increase to around £300 for larger equipment or difficult access.

Commercial oil boiler servicing takes longer than gas boiler servicing. Average servicing times last between one and two hours per boiler.

There are many ways to improve boiler efficiency, including pipework insulation and heat control. For more information, visit our blog on ways to improve commercial boiler efficiency.

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