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Commercial Security Systems

Commercial security systems are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for your business or property. Not only do they keep your people and your premises safe, but they’re often required as a part of an insurance policy agreement.

Modern commercial building security systems also provide crucial evidence in the event of an intrusion. As a business owner or property manager, it’s your responsibility to protect your premises and employees from unauthorised access. And a security system is the best way to do this.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, our team of experienced security professionals can advise on all aspects of security systems and their maintenance. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your commercial property is well-protected. Our services include:

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What Is a Commercial Security System?

A commercial security alarm system is software and hardware that protects businesses and commercial properties from unauthorised access. These systems aim to safeguard the premises and people inside from security breaches. In the process, they help to protect your company’s reputation from the damage associated with unsecured or unsafe operations.

Benefits of Commercial Building Security

Installing a commercial security system is a proactive step in protecting your assets and property, employees, and reputation. Here are the main advantages.

  • Protect against unauthorised access, theft, vandalism, and other potential security threats. This reduces the risk of financial losses and disruption to your business.
  • Ensure employee safety and comply with UK workplace safety regulations and best practices.
  • Quickly detect any breaches, so you can respond quickly to security threats.
  • Limit access control to safeguard sensitive data and valuable assets.
  • Deter criminals with visible security solutions.
  • Document activity on your property and provide valuable evidence in the case of a breach.
  • Detect fires early and reduce the risk of fire-related incidents.
  • Remotely monitor and manage security from any location.
  • Integrate your commercial property security systems with other software, such as lighting and access control, for coordinated responses.
  • Set up fast emergency notifications in the event of an incident.
  • Many insurers offer lower premiums to businesses with robust security systems, which may offset the expenses of installation and commercial security maintenance.
  • Around-the-clock protection to keep your business secure 24/7.

Types of Commercial Security Systems

There are a number of different types of commercial building alarm systems on the market, each with its own unique benefits. Some of the most popular commercial security solutions include:

CCTV Systems

A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is a great way to monitor activity both inside and outside of your commercial property. Plus, CCTV footage can be used to help identify intruders or investigate suspicious activity.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are another popular option for commercial security. That’s because they help to deter potential criminals and alert the authorities in the event of a break-in.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems regulate entry to specific areas within a building or facility. This can involve key cards, biometric scanners (like fingerprint or retina scans), PIN codes, or mobile apps. Access control systems help restrict access to authorized personnel, enhancing security and accountability.

Integrated Security Systems

Many modern commercial security systems are integrated, combining multiple components like access control, video surveillance, and alarms into a centralised platform. This enables more efficient monitoring, response, and data analysis.

Perimeter Security Systems

These systems protect the outer boundaries of a property or facility. They can include barriers like fences or gates, along with technologies like sensors and cameras to detect and deter unauthorised entry.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

These systems use sensors, such as motion detectors and door/window contacts, to detect unauthorised entry or intrusion into the premises. They can trigger alarms, notify security personnel, and even integrate with access control systems to lock down certain areas.

Remote Monitoring Security Systems

A remote monitoring system is a technology solution that allows businesses to oversee and manage various aspects of their operations, assets, or facilities from a remote location. Using sensors, cameras, and other data-collecting devices, this system captures real-time information about conditions. These include security, environmental factors, equipment performance, and more. Then, it transmits the collected data to a central platform or dashboard, which is accessible remotely.

These are a few of the main options for security available. Of course, different types of systems are more suitable for certain types of buildings and business requirements. For instance, you may want to consider whether you need 24-hour monitoring when choosing a system. That’s why it’s best to consult with a professional.

Commercial building security companies like Robinsons Facilities Services offer expert advice to help you select the best security solution for your needs. There’s a reason we’re one of Yorkshire’s leading commercial security specialists. 

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How to Maintain a Commercial Security System

Your system is no good to you if it is not working to the best of its ability. As such, regular maintenance is essential.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, we recommend an annual check-up of all commercial security systems as a minimum. In some cases, a bi-annual check-up is advised.

Many of our contracts include maintenance, including:

  • Checking alarm systems
  • Testing detection devices
  • Inspecting cameras
  • Checking CCTV cameras
  • Inspecting access control systems and running updates

We also work with our clients to keep them up-to-date with the latest data protection and compliance rules. This includes putting up signs to let people know they’re being monitored and best practices for storing security footage.

Why Choose Robinsons Facilities Services?

Our years of experience have made us one of Yorkshire’s top commercial security providers. Here are just some of the reasons why our clients turn to us for their commercial security needs.

  • A name you can trust. Our accredited team has years of experience. Meet the team.
  • Wide range of security services, including remote monitoring systems for added business security.
  • Reliable commercial security system maintenance.
  • Expert advice on the best security solution for your business needs.
  • Compliance with UK laws and best practices.
  • 24/7 vigilance and rapid response times across Yorkshire.

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Commercial Security Systems FAQs

While it is possible to install a security system yourself, it is not advisable. For optimal security, it’s important that whoever installs your commercial alarm system is a competent professional. Not only does this ensure your security system is functioning correctly, but it can also prevent voiding the warranty.

Yes, CCTV systems have operated for many years, even before the internet was invented. As such, there are several specific commercial security systems that require an internet connection

Monitored alarms are one of the most popular systems. That’s because you be sure that the alarm never gets ignored and help is notified when required. 24/7 peace of mind.

The cost of installing and maintaining a security system varies, depending on a number of factors. For instance, the size of your premises, the type of alarm system, and the monitoring service will all impact the price. As a ballpark figure, you can expect to pay between £800 and £2000 for installation. Then, security alarm monitoring services can cost anywhere from £15 to £45+ per month. Give us a call for a free quote.

Start your search with a Google search to find commercial security systems companies near you. Then, check reviews and testimonials to ensure the company is reliable. Finally, get in touch with the provider for more information about their services and a quote. If you’re looking for a commercial security system provider, Robinsons Facilities Services can help. Our experienced team can assist you in finding the best solution for your business. Get in touch.

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