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Commercial Ventilation System

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Commercial Ventilation System

Ventilation systems ensure a safe workplace with a supply of fresh and clean air. Without adequate ventilation, business premises can become a health hazard for employees and visitors.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, our team of accredited engineers provides commercial ventilation system repairs, installation, and maintenance throughout Yorkshire. We service buildings of all sizes, from nightclubs and retail premises to offices, kitchens, and more.

Our ventilation services include:

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How Ventilation Systems Work

A typical commercial ventilation system is made up of a series of ducts that transport air around the building.

The system may also have an extractor fan, which removes air from the premises, and potentially a supply fan, which blows fresh air into the building.

Ventilation systems may also be controlled by a central unit, such as an HVAC system, which regulates the air change throughout a building.

There are many different ventilation options and our expert team can advise on the appropriate system for your commercial building.

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Types of Ventilation Systems

There are numerous types of ventilation systems as well as parts of larger systems, such as air conditioning units.

  • Extraction systems are used to remove air from a room and are often used in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • VAV systems, or Variable Air Volume systems, supply fresh air to a room while also removing stale air.
  • Supply and extract systems work together to create a comfortable working environment by constantly providing fresh air and removing contaminated air.
  • Ducting is used to transport and guide fresh and stale air around a building, for instance, as a part of an air conditioning unit.

Our team of REFCOM-certified engineers can diagnose problems with existing systems or advise on the installation of a new system.

Why You Need a Commercial Ventilation System

There are several reasons businesses need a commercial ventilation system. 


When workers are exposed to poor air quality, it can lead to several health problems and allow airborne diseases to thrive. In some cases, a poorly ventilated building can even cause serious respiratory illnesses.


Businesses need a commercial ventilation system to meet regulations around keeping their premises safe. For example, restaurants need to have a certain level of ventilation to prevent the build-up of dangerous fumes. If a business does not have the correct level of ventilation, it could be deemed a risk to health and safety.


Ventilation can also help to maintain a comfortable temperature. If a business does not have adequate ventilation, levels of heat and humidity will increase. This can make the workplace uncomfortable for employees and customers.

Commercial Ventilation System Yorkshire: Our Services

Trust the professionals at Robinsons Facilities Services for all your commercial ventilation needs. Our services include

Ventilation System Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive maintenance service, which includes a full inspection of your system, cleaning of ductwork and fans, and replacement of any parts that are worn or damaged.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

If your commercial ductwork needs cleaning, our team is on hand with specialised equipment to remove dirt, grime and debris. We’ll leave your ductwork as good as new with minimal downtime for your business.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Need commercial kitchen ventilation maintenance services? Our Gas Safe registered engineers can help to service your system and keep you compliant with strict HSE regulations.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction System

Our expert team of Gas Safe engineers are available to maintain your commercial extraction canopy to the highest standard and help diagnose and repair breakdowns.

Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Commercial kitchen duct cleaning is critical for the health, safety, and efficiency of your commercial kitchen. We provide professional commercial kitchen duct cleaning to keep your business safe, clean, and compliant. 

Smoke Ventilation

Robinsons Facilities Services offers a team of SafeContractor-approved professionals who can guide and consult on every aspect of your company’s fire safety, including smoke ventilation.

LEV Testing

LEV Testing is legally required to comply with UK health and safety standards. Our team of professionals provides comprehensive LEV testing and certification services to help you maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

Why Choose Robinsons Facilities Services For Commercial Ventilation Systems?

Our years of experience have made us one of Yorkshire’s top commercial ventilation experts. Here are just some of the reasons why our clients turn to us for their commercial ventilation needs.

  • A name you can trust. Our accredited team has years of experience. Meet the team.
  • Wide range of commercial Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration services.
  • Reliable commercial ventilation system maintenance.
  • Expert advice on the best ventilation system for your business needs.
  • Compliance. We are fully accredited with Gas Safe, OFTEC, REFCOM, and more
  • 24/7/365 vigilance and rapid response times across Yorkshire.

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Commercial Ventilation System FAQs

BS 5925:1991 Code of Practice for Ventilation Principles and Designing for Natural Ventilation outlines the British standards for air-conditioning systems and ventilation systems within a commercial building.

Ventilation systems are typically inexpensive to run and can prevent other costs by reducing hazards and keeping your building running efficiently.

Commercial ventilation systems aid in the circulation of clean air throughout a commercial building. They extract the air from inside a room to allow clean and fresh air to enter the building. This improves air quality, and temperature, and reduces hazards.

Whether you need a commercial ventilation system for your premises depends heavily on the nature of your business. If your commercial premises generate heat, fumes, dust, or moisture, it will most likely require proper ventilation to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

There are various types of commercial ventilation systems, each suited to specific needs. Common systems include exhaust fans, canopy hoods and VAV systems. Contact us for help choosing the right system for you.

The average cost of a commercial ventilation system typically ranges from around £500 to over £50,000. The cost depends on several factors including its size, complexity, and type of system needed. Speak to us for expert advice.

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