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Commercial Warm Air Heaters

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Commercial Warm Air Heaters

Commercial warm air heaters are a common solution in factory, warehouse, retail, and office environments. They heat even large spaces by pulling cold air in and using a heat exchanger to warm it before distributing it into the building to increase the temperature.

Energy-efficient, cost-effective, and safe, these systems are a popular choice for many commercial property owners.

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Our experienced HVAC engineers offer a range of warm air heating services across the Yorkshire region. These include:

  • Warm air heating installation and servicing
  • Heater inspection and insurance certificates
  • Heater breakdown repair and diagnostics
  • Commercial door air curtain installation, repair, and maintenance

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What Is Warm Air Heating?

Warm air heating is a specific type of heating system used in commercial properties. Since it’s a cost-effective alternative to water-heating systems, it’s common in industrial or commercial spaces, such as warehouses, factories, retail outlets, offices, and schools. 

Warm air heating systems come in various styles, utilising different fuels depending on your needs. For instance, you can choose from LPG, propane, electric, biofuels, gas, and oil-powered systems. This makes them a versatile way to heat a space.

They create hot air by using forced convection and circulating it throughout the building. As such, they’re a great alternative to commercial boilers or other “wet” central heating systems. 

Warm air heating systems are more energy efficient than other heating systems. This can help you save up to 30% on your fuel bills. In addition, they tend to provide cleaner air. 


Different Types of Commercial Warm Air Heaters

You can choose from a range of industrial warm air heating systems to best suit your needs and property type. Here are some of the most common solutions for commercial use:

  • Gas-fired warm air heaters: These are the UK’s most popular commercial warm air heaters. They warm cold air over a gas flame and transport the air around the building. You can opt for a floor-standing model, wall-mounted, or suspended from the ceiling.
  • Oil-fired warm air heaters: These are similar to gas-fired warm air heaters but use an oil-fired burner instead of gas. You can choose from a floor-standing, suspended, or mobile heater to best suit your space.
  • Commercial air curtains: The commercial air curtain design is a popular solution that sends hot air downwards when a door is opened. That creates a “curtain” of warm air and prevents hot or cold air from leaving the premises. Commercial over-door heaters often appear in supermarkets, retail outlets, and office entranceways.

Our team of accredited heating engineers can help you choose the best industrial warm air heater for your business needs.

Commercial Warm Air Heaters Use Cases

Commercial warm air heaters are a common solution for the following types of buildings:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Storage units
  • Commercial office spaces
  • Retail stores

If you’re not sure whether a warm air heater is the best solution for your business, our team can provide a consultation to discuss potential heating solutionsRobinsons Facilities Services offers expert advice, installation, servicing, and repair services on a range of heating solutions anywhere in Yorkshire.

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Benefits of Warm Air Heaters

There are multiple solutions to heat the space in your Yorkshire business. As such, weighing the pros and cons of each heating system is important.

Here are the main benefits of commercial warm air heaters, especially for large premises: 

  • Cost-effective 
  • Heat large spaces quickly and evenly.
  • Energy efficient
  • Quieter than other heating solutions
  • Versatile (different shapes and sizes available)
  • Space saving
  • Longer lifespan than other systems
  • Cleaner air 
  • Even distribution of warm air

There are plenty of advantages of warm air heating systems. However, they may not be the right choice for everyone. It’s important to note that most solutions don’t heat water (although you can purchase a water-heating combi boiler if you require hot water, too). 

Another factor to consider is the installation cost. While industrial warm air heaters are cost-effective, they come with a slightly higher initial cost.

Not sure what the best commercial heating solution is for your business? Our team of experts can assist you.

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Suspended or Floor-Mounted Industrial Air Heaters?

Warm air heaters come in a variety of options. For instance, you can choose between suspended heating units (or commercial over-door heaters) and warm air cabinet heaters. The big question is, which is the best solution for you? Let’s start with the differences between the two. 

Suspended heating units are attached to the wall or roof of your premises and have louvres to facilitate circulating warm air down and around the building. The biggest pro with these units is that they take up less floor space. That makes them an ideal choice for schools or office spaces.

Floor-mounted units tend to be larger and are installed on the ground. They come equipped with vents and nozzles, facilitating the even distribution of warm air. 

This also allows you to direct the warm air where it’s needed. As a result, warm air cabinet heaters are the perfect choice for large warehouses or factories with plenty of space and only need to heat specific areas. Since they’re at ground level., they are usually easier to install, service, and repair

How To Maintain Your Commercial Warm Air Heater?

As a business owner, maintaining your industrial heating system is a must. Not only does it ensure your customers or employees are comfortable and safe, but it also prevents costly repairs.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your commercial warm air heater:

  • Clean the vents regularly to avoid a buildup of dust and dirt
  • Replace air filters every one to three months (see manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • Install a smart thermostat to improve efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your unit
  • Insulate your building to prevent energy loss and reduce bills
  • Schedule planned preventative maintenance to extend the lifespan and efficiency of your heating system

Warm Air Heating Maintenance Services Yorkshire

Regular servicing by a HVAC engineer is the best way to maintain your commercial warm air heating system. During the service, a qualified professional can identify potential issues with your unit, conduct proper maintenance, and ensure maximum efficiency.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, we provide a range of packages to help you maintain your commercial property.

Our popular Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contract offers peace of mind that your premises are safe, compliant, and well-maintained.

Here’s what you can expect:

✔ Fast response times – guaranteed within 4 hours

✔ 24/7/365 emergency callouts across Yorkshire

✔ Flexible contracts to suit your needs

From legionella testing to fire detection systems to commercial boiler repairs, we offer bespoke contracts to cover a range of commercial building services.

Check out this video on the benefits of planned preventative maintenance.

Commercial Warm Air Heating Installation, Servicing, and Repairs Yorkshire

Looking for a reputable commercial facilities management service in Yorkshire? We’re here to help.

We’re proud to be one of Yorkshire’s leading heating solutions service providers. With years of experience, our HCAV engineers offer a range of services to keep your commercial property warm, safe, and compliant. 

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Commercial Warm Air Heaters FAQs

As well as being relatively efficient, some of these systems have filtration systems to remove bacteria, pollen, and more from the air. They are good options for large buildings.

Warm air heaters are very energy efficient compared to some other heating options. As a result, they can offer significant savings on some forms of heating, especially when you opt for a modern design.

All systems have pros and cons, with some solutions being better suited to specific needs. That said, warm air heaters are known for reaching larger spaces than radiators. Plus, there’s less need for plumbing, meaning there’s less chance of breakdown.

The most popular types of heating for commercial buildings are:

  • Warm air heating
  • Destratification heating
  • Air rotation heating
  • Radiant heating

Warm air heaters use less fuel, making them more energy-efficient than other commercial heating systems. In fact, they can cost up to 18% less to run.

The price of installing a modern warm air heater will depend on several factors, such as your location, the heater’s size, and the job’s complexity. On average, you can expect to pay around  £3,000 for a new warm air heater. However, this price could rise to around £5,250 to install it from scratch.

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