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Emergency AC Repair

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Emergency AC Repair

Air conditioning or ventilation unit not working?
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We understand just how important it is to have a working air conditioning unit on your commercial property. Breakdowns can be costly and cause disruptions to your business. If you need emergency AC repair, our Yorkshire-based engineers are available 24/7 to fix your broken air conditioning unit. 

Looking for emergency AC repair in Yorkshire? Call Robinsons Facilities Services on 01423 226578 or send us an enquiry.

Keep reading for more information and expert advice from our HVAC engineers on how to handle emergency breakdowns.

What Causes Air Conditioning Unit Breakdown?

Many factors can lead to your commercial AC unit breaking down and in need of emergency repair.

Our expert HVAC engineers have decades of experience dealing with all types of emergency air-con repairs. They will diagnose the issue and have your AC unit back up and running in no time.

Some of the most common reasons for air conditioning unit breakdown include:

  • Dirty filters
  • Problems with the thermostat
  • Evaporator coil issues
  • Dirty AC condenser coils
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Blocked drainage lines
  • Pitted conductors

These are just some of the potential causes of AC failure. Our emergency HVAC engineers can help you to identify the problem and provide a solution.

Regular commercial air conditioning servicing and AHU maintenance can prevent many of these issues from happening.

The Dangers of a Broken Air Conditioning Unit 

If you spot any signs that your commercial AC unit is not working properly, seek professional advice at once. 

An AC unit breakdown is much more than just a hindrance, it can be a real health risk.

Here are some of the risks associated with a broken air-con unit:

  • Equipment damage – Leaking refrigerant, oil, or water from a failed AC unit can damage surrounding equipment, furniture, walls, etc. requiring remediation and repairs.
  • Mould growth – Excess moisture from leaks can promote mould growth in walls and ceiling materials affecting air quality. 
  • Compromised air quality – A faulty AC unit allows indoor air temperature, humidity, and contaminant levels to rise, creating an uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy environment for occupants.
  • Higher energy bills – A broken AC unit cycles inefficiently leading to increased electricity usage, energy bills, and carbon footprint.
  • Business disruptions – If your commercial AC unit breaks down, it can lead to revenue and productivity losses until repairs are completed. Temporary closure may also be required.
  • Liability issues – Failure to maintain safe occupant conditions due to AC issues could lead to liability or legal issues if sickness, injury or other problems occur. 

Looking for emergency air conditioning repair in Yorkshire? Our expert team covers the north of England and can help to diagnose and fix your problem quickly and efficiently.

How to Know if You Need Emergency Repairs

Over time, air conditioning units can develop a number of problems. This is why we recommend regular servicing.

An air conditioner breakdown can be a cause for concern. Some common signs that you need to call out an engineer as quickly as possible include:

  • A hissing sound which suggests that something is leaking from the air conditioning unit.
  • Water dripping or pooling around the unit.
  • The unit has stopped working altogether.
  • The air conditioning unit is making strange noises.
  • There is a burning smell coming from the air conditioner.

These are just some of the common signs of an issue. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact us for emergency AC repairs. We’ll send an engineer out to you as soon as possible to assess the problem.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Want this to be your last emergency AC repair call? Done. The best way to prevent your commercial air conditioning issues from becoming an emergency again is with a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedule.

This means a regular check-up of your system by one of our expert, accredited engineers. Our PPM customers have their air conditioning unit serviced every 6 or 12 months, with benefits including:

  • Extended lifespan of your air conditioning unit.
  • Improved efficiency meaning lower running costs.
  • Increased comfort for you and your employees.
  • Reduced emergency call-outs.

Contact Robinsons Facilities Services today to arrange a bespoke maintenance plan for your commercial air conditioner

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Yorkshire

If you need emergency AC repair Yorkshire, don’t worry – call Robinsons Facilities Services today on 01423 2262578.

With rapid response times across Yorkshire, highly qualified HVAC engineers, and competitive prices, we’re one of the region’s leading air conditioning and ventilation service companies.

Our accredited engineers have experience working with all commercial air conditioning units. 

We also provide services in:

We offer a range of service packages tailored to your business, including PPM, reactive-only, and an emergency callout facility.

Get in touch to learn more about our tailored commercial AC unit service packages.

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Emergency AC Repair FAQs

You’ll need to act fast if you run into an air-con or ventilation emergency. So, we recommend finding a reputable AC repair service before you need one.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right provider:

  • Go local: For rapid response times, you’ll need an HVAC engineer who lives locally.
  • Check their qualifications: Ensure your chosen company has the proper credentials. 
  • Research their track record: Check reviews online and look at the website for client testimonials.
  • Reach out: Get in contact and ask for a free quote.

All of our engineers are based around Yorkshire and the north of England so we can get to you within 3-4 hours of your emergency AC repair call.

Yes. Our accredited engineers are available 24-7-365 for all of your emergency AC repair needs. 

Yes, broken air conditioning units can pose a fire risk. If your AC system isn’t properly maintained, a number of factors, including dirty filters, blockages, and leaks can become a fire safety hazard.

Yes, if it’s not working or you fear there could be an issue, turn off the system completely. Call your HVAC repair company to come and diagnose or repair the issue.

Eventually, air conditioning units will reach the stage where it is not worthwhile to keep repairing them. However, a well-maintained system can see you through 20 years or more and may only need occasional repairs.

While some emergency AC repairs may require immediate work, we understand that your business is priority number one. As such, will work with you to find the best time to perform any repair or service work on your commercial air-con unit.

Our pricing starts from as little as £10+VAT per week. Call our Yorkshire head office today on 01423 226 578 and we can provide a quote for our 24-7-365 Call Out package. 

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