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Emergency Commercial Boiler Repair

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Emergency Commercial Boiler Repair

Commercial boiler broken down in Yorkshire?
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We understand the impact a commercial boiler breakdown can have on your business operations. That’s why our qualified heating engineers provide fast, reliable emergency callouts across Yorkshire.

Looking for emergency commercial boiler repairs in Yorkshire? Call Robinsons Facilities Services on 01423 226578 or send us an enquiry.

For more information, keep reading for expert advice from our gas-safe engineers on how to handle emergency breakdowns

What Causes Commercial Boiler Breakdown?

Your boiler could break down for a number of reasons, especially with so many different types of boilers on the market.

Whether you have a gas, oil or LPG boiler, our experienced commercial gas engineers can diagnose the issues and set about making the necessary repairs.

Here are some common reasons why a boiler fails:

  • Dirty or worn ignition probes
  • Blocked condensate 
  • Frozen condensate due to poorly installed or undersized condensate drain pipework
  • Low system pressure
  • A buildup of rust and corrosion over the years

These are just some of the issues. An emergency commercial gas engineer or heating engineer can help you to identify the problem and get you back up and running quickly.

Regular commercial boiler maintenance and servicing your heating system can prevent many of these issues from happening.

The Dangers of a Broken Boiler

If you spot a sign that your commercial boiler is broken or not working properly, seek professional advice immediately.

Here are some of the risks associated with a broken boiler:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning – this is a silent killer and can be fatal. You cannot see or smell, so it’s important to have your boiler serviced regularly to check for any signs of problems
  • Fire risk – if the boiler breaks down and starts a fire, not only could you lose your property but also endanger lives.
  • Water damage – if the boiler leaks, this can cause serious water damage to your property.
  • Lack of heating and hot water – a broken boiler means you will not have any heating or hot water until it is fixed. This could lead to loss of business and inconvenience for your staff and customers.

Don’t take any chances. Get in touch with our heating engineers in Yorkshire to organise boiler servicing or repairs.

What to Do if My Commercial Boiler Breaks Down?

Your commercial boiler breaking down is a stressful situation. From the impact on your daily operations to safety concerns, it’s essential to have an action plan.

Here’s what to do when your industrial boiler breaks down.

1. Assess if it’s a boiler emergency

While having a broken boiler may feel like an emergency, it’s not considered one officially unless you notice one of the following:

  • The smell of gas
  • A change in the pilot light flame
  • Soot marks around the boiler

If you see any of these signs, turn your boiler off immediately and call 0800 111 999.

2. Call a local heating engineer

If your boiler has broken down but isn’t considered an official breakdown, call a reputable boiler repair company. Since you’ll need a fast callout time, it’s best to go local.

Robinsons Facilities Services provides emergency commercial boiler repairs in Yorkshire. From pressure issues to leaks to a total breakdown, we’ll send an experienced, Gas Safe engineer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We also offer servicing and maintenance services to maintain the lifespan of your unit. 

3. Troubleshoot common boiler breakdown problems

While we always recommend letting a trusted professional handle your boiler, there are some minor things you can check to solve your issues. Here are some quick fixes to deal with minor boiler issues:

  • Check your thermostat setting: If it’s too high or too low, it can stop your boiler from working. In particular, make sure it isn’t set lower than 21 degrees. Issues with the thermostat settings can lead to the boiler not firing up or an error message displaying. This is common after a power cut.
  • Inspect the fuse box: If you have a tripped switch, this may cause your boiler to stop working.
  • Check the pressure: Look at the boiler pressure gauge and compare the reading with the ideal figures stated in the boiler manual. Low pressure can cause your central heating to make banging noises or result in the boiling switching itself off.
  • Reset: Sometimes, resetting your boiler can solve minor issues. This is important to do after you have re-pressurised it.
  • Thaw your condensate pipe: Cold weather can cause the pipes to freeze, resulting in gurgling sounds from your boiler or stopping it from turning on completely. Apply a warm compress to the pipe can solve this problem.

4. Prepare for emergencies

Don’t wait for an emergency breakdown, invest in planned preventative maintenance to ensure your commercial boiler stays in good working order. We provide a range of maintenance packages to best suit your needs and budget.

Try our HVAC Calculator to see how much it costs to maintain your commercial building →

Emergency Boiler Repair Services in Yorkshire

If your boiler has broken down, don’t worry – call Robinsons Facilities Services today on 01423 2262578.

With rapid response times across Yorkshire, highly qualified heating engineers, and competitive prices, we’re one of the region’s leading boiler services companies.

Our accredited engineers have experience working with all commercial boiler types, including:

We offer a range of service packages tailored to your business, including maintenance, reactive-only, and an emergency callout facility.

Get in touch to learn more about our bespoke commercial boiler service packages. 

Why choose Robinsons Facilities Services for your commercial boiler breakdown?

Looking for reputable heating engineers in Yorkshire? Here are some reasons why our customers reply on us:

  • Local – our team of Yorkshire-based heating engineers are just a phone call away
  • Reliable – we are always there when you need us with engineers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Experienced – our ever-growing team of highly qualified engineers has over 200 years of combined experience
  • Flexible – we can tailor how we work to suit your needs
  • Compliant – we are Gas Safe registered and fully accredited with Oftec, Refcom and more

Give us a call today at 01423 226578 for emergency commercial boiler repairs and more.

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Emergency Commercial Boiler Repair FAQs

The price of a commercial boiler repair will depend on the type of boiler, your location, the unit’s age and condition, and the job’s complexity. As an estimate, you can typically expect to pay from £150 (ex VAT) upwards.

A commercial boiler breakdown can wreak havoc on your business, making fast response times essential. How quickly you get it repaired depends on your chosen boiler repair company. At Robinsons Facilities Services, our emergency boiler engineers offer rapid response times across Yorkshire. With our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) service package, we guarantee a response within four hours.

The cost of replacing a commercial boiler can vary depending on several factors, including your location, boiler type, and the job’s complexity. The average price for installing a new industrial boiler usually starts at around £8,000 (ex VAT). This price will rise proportionately with the size of the boiler

While you may be able to fix some minor issues with your commercial boiler, the best course of action is to call a reputable heating engineer. They will be able to identify and solve any issues with your unit, ensuring your safety and the longevity of your boiler. If you smell gas from your boiler, turn it off immediately and call the emergency gas line at 0800 111 999. Then, have a gas-safe professional inspect it.

If your boiler is leaking water, the first step is to call a reputable boiler repair company. Then, we recommend turning the boiler off to prevent the electrics from short-circuiting and avoid water damage on your premises.

You’ll need to act fast if you run into a boiler emergency. So, we recommend finding a reputable boiler repair service before you need one. Here are some tips to help you choose the right provider:

  • Go local: For rapid response times, you’ll need a heating engineer who lives locally
  • Check their qualifications: Ensure your chosen company has the proper credentials. For instance, always go for a Gas Safe registered business for gas boiler repair.
  • Research their track record: Check reviews online and look at the website for client testimonials.
  • Reach out: Get in contact and ask for a free quote.

As your boiler gets older, some performance issues are common. That’s why having a reputable boiler maintenance company on hand is important. One of the best ways to prevent breakdowns is by having it serviced regularly by a certified heating engineer. This will help you identify potential issues early and make some repairs before bigger issues occur.

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