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High Speed Door

High speed doors are essential for a variety of different industrial applications. This is not just about convenience, there is far more to it than that. In certain industries, doors that stay open for a long time can cause a hazard, so it is vital to use a high speed curtain door or similar technology.

What Are High Speed Doors?

High speed doors are also referred to as rapid roll doors or fast action doors. They are designed to open and close very quickly, reducing the amount of time that they are left open. This is important for two many reasons including safety and energy efficiency.

For instance, if you have a refrigerated facility, you will want to minimise the amount of time that the door is open in order to keep the cold air in and the warm air out. Not only does this help to keep your refrigerated goods at the correct temperature, but it also helps to save energy by reducing the amount of time that the refrigeration unit has to run.

Another example would be a factory that uses dangerous chemicals. If the doors are left open for too long, the fumes could build up and cause a hazard. By using high speed doors, the risk of an accident is greatly reduced.

There are many other examples where high speed doors can be used to improve safety or efficiency.

High Speed Door Maintenance

If you already have high speed doors installed, it is important to keep them well maintained. This will help to ensure that they continue to operate at peak performance and do not pose a safety hazard.

One of the most important things to do is to regularly check the door sensors. These are what tell the door when to open and close, so if they are not working correctly, the door could pose a serious safety hazard.

Depending on design it may also be important to regularly lubricate the door tracks and hinges as a part of your high speed door service. This will help to keep the door operating smoothly and prevent it from becoming damaged.

Robinsons Facilities Services can help with all your high speed door needs, from installation to maintenance. Our team can help you to create a planned preventative maintenance schedule, professionally checking and maintaining your equipment regularly, including your high speed doors.

How Often Should I Get High Speed Doors Serviced?

We recommend a minimum of annual checks. However, depending on the usage and environment of your doors, you may need to service them more frequently. Our skilled and experienced team can advise you on the best schedule for your needs.

High Speed Door Installation

Our team can also install your high speed doors, ensuring that they are fitted correctly and meet all the required safety standards.

If you are looking for high speed door installation or maintenance, get in touch with Robinsons Facilities Services today. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a quote.

We can install doors in a variety of different sizes and specifications to suit your needs, so get in touch today to find out more.

Do You Need a High Speed Door?

If you’re operating a commercial facility in the UK, you may be wondering if you need a high-speed door. High-speed doors offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent investment for many businesses.

They are designed to open and close quickly, hence the name. This can help to improve traffic flow and productivity in your facility. They are also energy-efficient, as they help to prevent heat loss and maintain a consistent temperature, which can save on heating and cooling costs.

High-speed doors can enhance safety and security, as they are built with features such as safety sensors and durable construction to protect against damage and unauthorised entry. If your facility has high traffic or other needs such as temperature control, security, or hygiene, a high-speed door may be a worthwhile investment to help improve efficiency, safety, and overall operations.

Emergency Repairs

If you have a high speed door that has broken down, we offer emergency repairs across all parts of Yorkshire, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that in some cases, it is not possible to wait for a scheduled repair, so our team will respond as quickly as possible to get your door up and running again.

Working across Yorkshire, we cover North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and offer a fast, efficient response time to all breakdowns and repairs. Contact us today for all planned, reactive maintenance or emergency call out. Call 01423 226578 or get in touch to see how Robinsons Facilities Services can help.

High Speed Door FAQs

These types of doors are commonly used in workplaces such as factories and warehouses to help with energy efficiency and security, as well as to ensure that hazards are minimised, such as those that could occur from releasing chemicals into the atmosphere.

They are usually made from durable materials that are still lightweight, and come with a strengthened drivetrain. They are powered by industrial motors to ensure high speed in the opening and closing of the door.

In the UK, it is accepted that high speed doors are those which operate at over 500mm per second opening speed. The speed of the door will be outlined when you get it installed and may even be controllable.

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