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Industrial Boiler Services

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Industrial Boiler Services

Industrial boilers play a vital role in many business activities. If your business is equipped with industrial boilers, their proper functioning is crucial for day-to-day operations. As such, reliable industrial boiler services become your go-to solution for maintaining the smooth operation and efficiency of these key components in your business.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, our team of Gas Safe registered engineers have years of experience working with all sorts of industrial boilers. Covering the entire Yorkshire region, we can provide you with quality industrial boiler maintenance and repairs.

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What Is an Industrial Boiler?

An industrial boiler is much larger than a domestic or commercial boiler. It’s capable of producing steam and hot water on a much larger scale. Industrial boilers are most commonly used in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants, factories, commercial laundry facilities, and more.

Types of Industrial Boilers

Industrial boilers can be used in a variety of businesses including manufacturing and processing plants.

There are a variety of types of industrial boilers, including

  • Energy-efficient boilers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Industrial wood chip boilers
  • Steam generators
  • Industrial heat recovery and waste heat boilers
  • Biomass boilers

Your own business premises and requirements will dictate which type of boiler is suitable for your specific space.

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Industrial Boiler Services Yorkshire

Here at Robinsons Facilities Services, our qualified engineers have decades of experience working with all types of commercial and industrial boilers. Our industrial boiler services include

Industrial Boiler Installation

We can help you explore your options and install industrial steam boilers and other varieties, such as industrial wood chip boilers.

Whether you’re looking for something on a large scale for a factory or a mini industrial boiler for your workspace, there are many different options to suit your needs.

Our professional team install all types of boilers across the Yorkshire district and the North of England. 

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Industrial Boiler Maintenance

You rely on your boiler for your business to function. If it breaks down, it could even be a hazard.

Industrial boiler maintenance services are crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. Regular maintenance is required in line with the Health and Safety Act to ensure that you are providing a safe workspace.

Industrial boiler maintenance generally includes:

  • Industrial boiler cleaning and inspection
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking for leaks and corrosion
  • Checking the burner and flame
  • Testing pressure and temperature gauges

Individual models and manufacturers have their own specific maintenance requirements. Our expert team is familiar with a variety of different commercial and industrial boilers. We’ll provide a professional maintenance schedule no matter which model you have in your workplace.

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Industrial Boiler Repairs

Should the worst happen and something go wrong with your industrial boiler, you will need to get it repaired, and the situation may even call for emergency repairs.

Major repairs to a furnace or tubes can be a big job and are not something to take lightly. Our professional team can provide you with an efficient and effective service quickly.

We know how disruptive it can be when your boiler breaks down, so we always aim to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

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Robinsons Facilities Services is one of the top industrial boiler service providers in Yorkshire. From emergency breakdowns to boiler installation and replacement, we provide fast and efficient service from a team you can trust.

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Industrial Boiler Services

A well-maintained industrial boiler can last 15 years or more. It’s crucial that it is properly looked after and serviced to preserve the lifespan and spot any signs of potential problems.

Industrial boiler maintenance consists of many different tasks, including lubricating and checking moving parts, checking for corrosion, and ensuring that the burner and flame are working properly.

The average cost of an industrial boiler typically ranges between £5,000 and £20,000. Numerous factors, including the boiler’s make, size, and complexity will affect the cost.

The average cost of a full industrial boiler service starts at around £100 but can increase to over £500 depending on the size and complexity of the boiler. Contact us for a free quote. 

Industrial boilers should be serviced at least once a year to ensure they’re running at peak efficiency and performance. High-demand settings might require more frequent check-ups.

Yes, the UK has regulations, including the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations, which mandate regular inspections and maintenance of industrial boilers to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Unusual noises, reduced efficiency, increased fuel consumption, or visible leaks are warning signs. If you notice any of these, we recommend seeking professional assistance quickly.

Yes, all reputable boiler service companies should offer emergency support. Our response times are fast and efficient to address urgent issues and minimise downtime.

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