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Security is a top priority for any UK business. As such, working with trusted partners is a must. Professional keyholding services can help you ensure you’ve taken all the correct steps to safeguard your people and premises.

Are you looking for professional keyholding services in Yorkshire? Robinsons Facilities Services can help. We provide rapid and reliable keyholding services, keeping your commercial property secure. Give us a call at 01423 226578 or send us an enquiry today.

What is Keyholding?

Keyholding is a service that involves entrusting a reliable and responsible third-party company with a spare key to your property.  It’s a common service for property owners and businesses, offering a quick and reliable response to security incidents. 

Keyholding service providers will securely store the keys to your property and dispatch a licensed response team in the case of an incident. As an example, if your alarm goes off, a trained team will assess the situation, contact local police if necessary, and provide access to the property. 

In short, keyholding service providers, such as Robinsons Facilities Services, minimise potential security threats and provide rapid response times in emergency situations. 

Benefits of Using a Keyholder Service

Having a trusted external company with access to your business can make a big difference. It offers you the peace of mind that you have a trained team of professional respondents on hand if anything should go wrong. 

On top of this, it takes a huge strain away from business owners since not every business has staff available 24/7 to respond,

Your keyholder company may also have knowledge of your alarm systems, CCTV, and the process to take to keep your premises safe. As a result, choosing a reputable keyholder is crucial. Our Yorkshire-based keyholding service is a trusted provider, offering quality services you can rely on.

Who Uses Secure Key Management Services?

There is a huge demand for alarm response services in the UK, with a diverse range of organisations looking to invest in property security. Here are some of the most common:

  • Commercial property managers
  • Businesses 
  • Data centres
  • Financial institutions
  • Retailers
  • Facility management companies
  • Government organisations
  • Construction sites
  • Event venues
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

Why Choose Our Keyholding Services?

Finding a reputable keyholding company in the UK is vital in ensuring the safety of your property. That’s why we pride ourselves on our prompt and professional services. Here are just some of the reasons why we’re one of Yorkshire’s leading keyholder providers.

  • Rapid response: Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We provide a rapid response to any alarm activation or security incident, ensuring minimal disruption and maximizing the safety of your property.
  • Trained and licensed keyholders: Our keyholders undergo comprehensive training and hold the necessary licenses, certifications, and security clearances. As a result, they are experienced in handling emergency situations, maintaining confidentiality, and dealing with the police if required.
  • Security expertise: With years of experience in the security industry, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest level of security for your property. As such, we adhere to industry best practices and stay updated on the latest security protocols to provide you with the most effective keyholding service.
  • Risk mitigation: By entrusting us with your spare key, you mitigate the risks associated with storing keys on-site or with untrained personnel. Our secure key management systems ensure the utmost confidentiality and accountability.
  • Compliance and insurance: We are fully compliant with all relevant regulations, including the Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards. Moreover, insurers are often pleased to learn that a keyholding partner is in place, sometimes offering lower premiums.
  • Cost-effective solution: Outsourcing your keyholding needs to our professional service is a cost-effective alternative to hiring and training in-house personnel and having to worry about out-of-hours coverage. We offer flexible service packages tailored to your specific requirements, providing value for your investment.

Industries We Serve

We provide keyholding services for a number of industries, these include:

✔ Commercial and retail premises

✔ Office buildings and complexes

✔ Industrial facilities and warehouses

✔ Educational institutions

✔ Healthcare facilities

✔ Hospitality venues

✔ Construction sites

Ensure the security and protection of your property with our trusted keyholding service in the North of England and Yorkshire. Contact Robinsons Facilities Services today to discuss your requirements, receive a personalised quote, and experience the peace of mind that comes with having professional keyholders safeguarding your premises.

Keyholding FAQs

In the UK, keyholder providers have a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Safeguarding and managing the keys to clients’ properties
  • Keeping records of the keys, their location, and the corresponding property
  • Maintaining security protocols
  • Responding 24/7 to alarm activations or security breaches
  • Assessing the security at a property following an incident
  • Managing key access control on the premises
  • Providing detailed reports documenting response times and actions taken
  • Ensuring that all staff members receive proper training and the necessary certifications to deal with security incidents
  • Coordinating with law enforcement or security personnel

When choosing keyholders, it is important to select companies and partners who are trustworthy, reliable, and responsible.  Additionally, they should have comprehensive training for keyholders to ensure they are knowledgeable about security procedures, alarm systems, and the specific requirements of your premises.

A key holder policy is a way to provide guidance to those who handle keys for your building and may include restrictions and regulations.

The cost of keyholding in the UK can vary depending on the level of security required, the location of your property, and the company you choose. That said, you can expect to pay between £20 and £50 per month for basic services. This typically rises to around £50 to £200 per month for more comprehensive key security. 

Emergency or one-time responses can cost anywhere from £50 upwards, depending on the location and nature of the emergency. Most leading keyholders in the UK will offer a quote based on your specific requirements. 

In the UK, keyholding companies take various measures to ensure the keys to your property remain secure. These include:

  • Storing your keys in a controlled facility with stringent security measures
  • Limiting access to key storage areas to authorised personnel only
  • Keeping a detailed inventory of all keys (this may include tagging and labelling)
  • Utilising a key signature and tracking system to ensure there’s an audit trail
  • Using secure key transportation when moving from one location to another
  • Conducting thorough background screening for all employees 
  • Complying with UK data protection laws and best practices
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