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Legionella Control

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Legionella Control

Legionella bacteria, commonly found in water systems, can multiply under certain conditions. Exposure from airborne water droplets can be fatal, so proper Legionella control is critical.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, our Yorkshire-based water safety experts can assist with regular Legionella testing, training, and risk assessment. Reach out to us today for advice on Legionella or call 01423 226578.

Our Legionella Control Services

Robinsons Facilities Services offers a range of Legionella control services, including:

What Is Legionella? 

Legionella is a type of bacteria that can cause a serious form of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease. In a commercial water system, such as a building’s hot water system, cooling tower, or spa pool, Legionella can grow and multiply if conditions are suitable. 

When contaminated water is consumed or inhaled, it can cause Legionnaires’ disease. This can cause severe illness or even death and is particularly dangerous for people with weakened immune systems. As a result, commercial water systems need to be regularly assessed for Legionella risks. Subsequent measures must then be taken to control the growth of Legionella and reduce the risk of exposure to contaminated water.

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Why Legionella Control Matters

All businesses with water systems must legally control Legionella bacteria risks. This requires a Legionella written scheme of control—a risk management document that shows the measures you take to control and maintain water systems and minimise risk. 

Robinson Facilities Services offers professional advice on water system design, risk assessments and ongoing control methods, such as water chlorination. Our Legionella expertise ensures safety and compliance, so you can get on with business.

How Often Should I Test For Legionella?

Many commercial premises need to test for Legionella at least every three months. HSG274 Legionnaires’ disease Technical guidance is a document provided by the HSE outlining how frequently different business types and premises should be checked.

The HSE has provided a handy checklist for ensuring that you have considered all aspects of Legionella control, including water treatment and testing. Legionella testing involves taking water samples from your system and sending them to a lab for analysis.

The checklists are made to assist your health and safety personnel when carrying out Legionella controls. This includes the risk assessment and considerations for hot and cold water services.

Legionella Control Services in Yorkshire

Creating your own Legionella control plan may not be possible. Our experienced team are here to guide your Yorkshire-based business through every step of Legionella control. As part of a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule, Robinsons Facilities Services can provide you with a team of dedicated water safety professionals. All of our experts are trained, accredited by the Legionella Control Association (LCA) and experienced in all aspects of Legionella control. We will work with you to manage exposure and minimise the risk to your employees and visitors.

So, for the best Legionella control services in Yorkshire, contact us today at 01423 226578 or send an enquiry and we’ll get back to you. 

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Legionella Control FAQs

Chlorine can kill the legionella within water systems, as well as other pathogens. It does this by breaking down the bonds found in the molecular structure of the bacteria. This is one of the reasons why chlorine is used so widely in water systems.

If there is Legionella bacteria present in your water system, this might impact the smell. It could smell like sulphur or even rotten eggs. However, smell is just one of the potential signs so it isn’t a reliable test.

Yes, Legionella bacteria can be found in tap water. This is one of the reasons why Legionella control is so crucial and should be taken seriously.

If Legionella bacteria are detected in your water system, a full investigation is needed. A professional must carry out these tests to identify the source and disinfect the water system. 

Legionella control includes testing, risk assessment and other services, such as water chlorination. The cost of each service varies depending on factors such as water system size, access, etc. Contact us for a free quote today.

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