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Legionella Control

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Legionella Control

The legionella bacteria is commonly found in water systems and can multiply under certain conditions and temperatures. Exposure to the legionella bacteria is potentially fatal and as it is carried in airborne water droplets it is important that you control this exposure.

There are many different types of water systems in commercial businesses, and whether they are hot or cold water systems, the legionella bacteria can still be present, so you need to be aware of it, identify the levels and control their growth and exposure.

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Robinsons Facilities Services can help with your water supply and monitor for legionella bacteria, and our Yorkshire-based water safety experts can assist with regular testing and risk assessment. Reach out to us today if you need advice on Legionella control – 01423 226578.

Legionella Control Services

Our Legionella control services include:

Why You Need to Know About Legionella

As a commercial business with a water system in place, you are legally obligated to carry out water safety risk assessments. You should have a Legionella written scheme of control, a risk management document that shows the measures you take  to control and maintain water systems and minimise risk.

In addition, you need to monitor the temperature of your water systems to ensure that you are not encouraging the bacteria growth. You should appoint a competent person to carry out checks, inspect and clean the system.

Your water systems should be designed to minimise Legionella bacteria growth and RFS can help with Legionella control, in line with the Legionella Control Association.

Robinsons Facilities Services can help with initial design, and also with your risk assessments and ongoing control methods. If you appoint Robinsons Facilities Services to look after your Legionella control we can implement all these actions and also advise on further controls such as biocide treatments and other chemical controls.

The Risks of Legionella Explained

As well as being concerned about legionella due to your duty in the workplace, it is also crucial that you know why it needs to be controlled.

The presence of Legionella in a water system poses significant health risks, as this bacterium is responsible for causing a severe and potentially life-threatening respiratory illness known as Legionnaires’ disease. When inhaled, Legionella bacteria can multiply in the lungs, leading to symptoms that range from flu-like discomfort to severe pneumonia.

This risk is particularly high in large water systems such as cooling towers, plumbing systems, or hot tubs, where the bacteria can thrive in the warm and stagnant water.

The elderly, individuals with weakened immune systems, and those with pre-existing respiratory conditions are at the highest risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease. Prompt identification and effective treatment are crucial in mitigating these risks, highlighting the importance of regular monitoring and maintenance of water systems to prevent the proliferation of Legionella and protect public health.

How Often Should I Test For Legionella?

Many commercial premises need to test for Legionella every three months, or more frequently if there is a need. HSG274 Legionnaires’ disease Technical guidance is an official document outlining the specifics of how frequently different business types and premises should check.

Legionella testing involves taking water samples from your system and sending them to a lab for analysis. Robinsons Facilities Services can assist with Legionella testing as part of a planned preventative maintenance schedule.

HSE has provided a handy checklist for ensuring that you have considered all aspects of Legionella control, including water treatment and testing.

The checklists are made to assist your health and safety personnel to audit arrangements in place to control Legionella. This includes the risk assessment and considerations for hot and cold water services.

Creating your own Legionella control plan may not be possible, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your premises are safe. Our experienced team can guide your Yorkshire-based business through every step of Legionella control.

Robinsons Facilities Services can provide you with a team of dedicated water safety professionals who are trained, accredited and experienced in all aspects of Legionella control and can work with you to manage exposure and minimise the risk to your employees and visitors.

With a team of water safety experts stationed across the region we have built up a reputation as providing the best Legionella control services in Yorkshire. This allows us to advise you on your systems and what control measures are needed to be put in place. This can ensure your ongoing compliance, so give us a call today and we can sit down with you and discuss your Legionella control and how we can help with it.

We specialise in Legionella risk assessments as well as training and testing.

Contact our Yorkshire head office today if you need advice on Legionella control – 01423 226578.

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Legionella Control FAQs

Chlorine can kill the legionella within water systems, as well as other pathogens. It does this by breaking down the bonds found in the molecular structure of the bacteria. This is one of the reasons why chlorine is used so widely in water systems.

If your system has legionella present then this might impact the smell. It could be that your water has a sulphur smell, or even take on the aroma of rotten egg. This is just one of the potential signs so it isn’t a reliable test.

Legionella bacteria is something to take very seriously as it can cause a serious form of pneumonia. You may know this as Legionnaires’ disease, and in some circumstances it can even be fatal.

Legionella can be found in tap water and can get into potable water systems, which is one of the reasons why legionella control is so crucial and should be taken seriously.

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