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Parking Barriers

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Parking Barriers

Parking barriers are essential for controlling vehicle access in and out of your commercial property. As well as providing increased security by preventing unauthorized access, they also manage traffic flow in busy areas.

For all your car park barrier maintenance, repair, and installation needs, contact Robinsons Facilities Services. Our dedicated team of professionals have decades of experience servicing and installing both manual and automatic parking barriers Yorkshire and across the UK.

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What Are Car Park Barriers?

Car park barriers, also known as parking barriers or boom gates, are access control systems used in car parks and garages to control vehicle access. Parking barriers generally consist of an arm that raises and lowers to allow or block entry into the car park. They provide security, help manage traffic flow and are an important part of access control.

Parking barriers can also be installed to reserve parking spots for specific individuals or groups, such as staff or pregnant or disabled persons.

What Are the Benefits of a Car Park Barrier System?

There are many benefits to installing car park barrier entry systems on your commercial premises. These include:

  • Improved security – Barriers prevent unauthorised access to car parks
  • Better traffic flow management – Barriers can be automated to control the flow of traffic
  • Increased revenue opportunities – Barriers enable fee collection/enforcement
  • Flexible access control – Barriers allow access to be tailored for certain users
  • Enhanced safety – Barriers guide vehicles carefully through car parks

Overall, a car park barrier system is an ideal way for business owners to regulate access to their facilities.

What Types of Parking Barriers Are There?

There are two main types of car park barriers:

Manual Parking Barriers 

Manual barriers require an attendant to raise and lower the car park barrier arm manually. This is the more affordable option but does require staffing. Common examples include:

  • Warden swing barriers – Feature a manually operated arm that swings open and closed to block access. This is a simple and affordable option which can be padlocked in both open and closed positions.
  • Rising Arm Barriers – Have a vertically moving arm operated via a push button or handle to allow/deny entry.
  • Maximum Height Barrier – This passive barrier only allows entry to vehicles under a certain height. It will exclude lorries or campervans from accessing your commercial premises.

Automatic Parking Barriers 

Automatic car park barriers feature arms that can be raised and lowered automatically with access control systems. This allows for convenient self-service access but requires electromechanical systems. Types include:

  • Automatic swing barriers – Have arms that pivot horizontally to open and close access points automatically with controls.
  • Sliding barriers – Feaure a gate-style arm that slides horizontally along tracks to allow or deny access to parking areas.
  • Rising arm barriers – Use a vertically moving arm connected to motors to enable automatic access control. These are also customisable with ticket systems.
  • Automated bollards – Also known as hydraulic bollards, automatic rising bollards offer top-level security with the added bonus of disappearing into the ground when not in use. These are the ideal option for sites where aesthetics are paramount, such as historic sites.

All of our automatic systems can be integrated with access controls like ticket terminals, card readers, number plate recognition, and remote controls. 

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What Type of Parking Barrier Do I Need?

Choosing the right car park security barriers for your business depends on several key factors:

Traffic volume

The amount of traffic passing through determines whether a manual or automatic system is required. Low-traffic sites may only require a manual barrier. High-traffic areas need automatic barriers that can handle heavy demand without a dedicated attendant.

Type of site

Sites with space constraints suit more compact systems, such as sliding barriers. Sites requiring unobstructed views when open suit vertically rising arm barriers or rising bollards. It’s important to consider any access requirements for special vehicles too.

Access control needs

The desired access control level affects the barrier system type. On the one hand, manual barriers allow basic access regulation by an attendant. On the other, automatic systems enable customisable access integration with ticket terminals, keypads, ANPR number plate recognition, and remote controls.

Integration with other systems

Before deciding on a car park barrier system, you must also consider other systems the barrier connects with. These include access control systems, CCTV systems, fire alarms, and parking management software.


Ensure the parking barrier system meets legal compliance standards for safety, operations, mechanical guarding and electrical systems. Our BSI-certified systems ensure regulatory obligations are satisfied.


Cost is also a key aspect. Manual systems are more affordable while automatic systems have a higher upfront cost but enable unattended access control. We offer systems to suit all budgets.

Consider all these aspects to determine the optimal parking barrier solution for your specific site requirements and budget. 

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Our Car Park Barrier Services

Robinsons Facilities Services offers a full range of parking barrier services to suit every commercial site.

Car Park Barrier Maintenance and Repair

We offer several flexible car park barrier repair and maintenance packages that you can tailor to your business needs:

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) 

Our popular PPM contract gives you peace of mind that your commercial property is secure and properly maintained. We guarantee rapid response across Yorkshire (within four hours) and 24-7-365 emergency callouts. Our qualified security engineers work with you to create a personalised asset maintenance schedule.

Reactive Only Services

We’re there when you need us. If you only need our facilities management services now and then or in the case of an emergency, then our reactive-only package is the ideal choice.

24-7-365 Callout Facility

Our fast and reliable 24-7-365 callout facility means we’re there for you if there’s an emergency in your commercial property. Our certified parking barrier mechanics offer rapid response times and competitive callout fees.

As one of the UK’s leading facilities management providers, we offer the option to create bespoke maintenance packages that cover a range of services. 

See our full range of commercial building maintenance services here.

Car Park Barrier Installation

Our expert teams handle professional car park barrier installation for all makes and models of new barriers. This covers surveys, groundworks, electrical works, and full testing/commissioning. 

Before signing off, we’ll ensure your new parking barrier system is fully functional, compliant and integrated with your site’s access infrastructure. 

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Parking Barriers FAQs

You typically don’t need planning permission if barriers are within the property boundary. However, we recommend checking with your local council to confirm.

Parking barriers enable controlled access by keypads, access cards, ANPR number plate recognition, remote controls, or integration with management software.

The main costs associated with car park barriers are power, maintenance, and repairs. Automatic barriers use minimal power. Furthermore, with regular maintenance from qualified professionals, you’ll reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Yes, modern barriers can integrate with intercoms, fire alarms, CCTV and parking management systems.

Installation typically takes just 1-2 days including groundworks, electricals and assembly. Rapid installation options are also available. We will work with you to avoid disruption to your business.

Correctly positioned, barriers allow emergency vehicle access. Barrier controls can also be overridden if necessary.

We recommend regular 6-month servicing for tested compliance and to minimise breakdowns.

Clear warning signage of barriers ahead should be prominently displayed for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Yes, we offer paid maintenance and emergency repair services for barriers outside of warranty periods.

The cost of installing a parking barrier system can vary widely depending on the type of barrier system, your location, the complexity of the job, and the provider.  Costs could range anywhere from around £1,000 to over £30,000. Therefore, it’s best to contact us directly for an accurate quote.

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