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RPZ Valve Testing

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RPZ Valve Testing

RPZ valves (also known as reduced pressure zone assemblies) are one of the most crucial devices when it comes to preventing contamination in the water system. They prevent water from picking up debris or contaminants and then flowing back into the municipal system, which could cause a huge health and safety risk.

RPZ valve testing is a way to ensure that your water systems are fully compliant, and if you have one of these valves installed, it is a legal requirement. 

What is An RPZ Valve?

An RPZ valve (Reduced Pressure Zone Valve) is a backflow device which is installed onto the plumbing system and protects water from contaminants. It is considered to be one of the safest and most reliable backflow preventer valves, however, it does require routine testing by an accredited tester approved by the Water Supply Industry.

RPZ valves work by maintaining a constant water pressure in the system, which prevents water from flowing back into it and picking up contaminants. By making sure water entering the system is at a pressure lower than the incoming system, it can prevent water from flowing back into the supply. RPZ valves use check valves and relief valves to maintain this pressure stability.

An RPZ valve should be installed at the point of entry of the water supply to a building or property, before any branch lines or connections. The valve should be installed on the cold water supply line and downstream of any backflow preventer or check valve.

The installation of an RPZ valve should be carried out by a licensed plumber or engineer who is familiar with local codes and regulations. Proper installation, maintenance, and testing of the valve are crucial to ensure that it functions correctly and provides the necessary protection against backflow.


Why do RPZ Valves Need to be Tested?

RPZ valves can degrade or break over time, or become clogged with debris or sediment, which can prevent them from operating correctly. Testing RPZ valves is the only way to ensure they are functioning properly and keeping your water safe from contaminants.

RPZ valve regulations state that the RPZ valve inspection or installation must be carried out by an accredited tester approved by the local water authority. If you are based in Yorkshire, Robinsons Facilities Services can help with installation, testing, and maintenance in line with the Water Suppliers’ Approved Installation Method AIM-08-01.

How Often Do RPZ Valves Need to be Tested?

RPZ valve service requirements state that the valves need to be tested every 12 months to ensure that they are working correctly and that there are no leaks or other issues which could cause contamination.

There is a good reason why water regulations are so stringent. Backflow can cause all sorts of problems with water hygiene, from introducing contaminants into the water system to causing flooding. RPZ valves are a crucial part of preventing backflow, so it’s important that they are well-maintained and regularly tested.

What RPZ Valve Testing Involves

RPZ valve testing involves checking the water pressure, check valves, and relief valves to ensure they are functioning correctly. The tester will also check for any leaks in the system which could cause contamination.

An RPZ test report is issued to prove that you have complied and that the valves were functioning properly at the time of the checks.

Can Robinsons Facilities Services Install RPZ Valves?

Yes, our team of accredited professionals have gone through extensive RPZ valve training and are able to install new valves in your water system. We also offer RPZ valve commissioning for new systems.

RPZ Valve Services in Yorkshire

At Robinsons Facilities Services, we can test your RPZ valve and ensure your business is compliant. Testing should be carried out annually as a minimum, or more frequently as specified by the Water Supplier. Our dedicated repair and maintenance services means we can design a schedule that suits your needs as a business.

Working across Yorkshire, we cover North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and offer a fast, efficient response time to all emergency breakdowns and repairs.

To find out more about our RPZ valve maintenance service, call us today on 01423 226578 and one of our friendly customer service team will help.

RPZ Valve Testing FAQs

Signs of an issue include discoloured or strange tasting water, as well as a bad smell and even sediment or particles that are visible within the water itself. Poor quality water is something to take very seriously.

RPZ means a reduced pressure zone which is used to stop water from getting contaminated. They are added to your plumbing system to protect drinking water but also stop contamination getting into the water supply.

Yes, the same device may well be known as an RPZ valve or a backflow preventer interchangeably. Backflow preventers do come in some different designs but RPZ are the most common in UK buildings.

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