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TM44 Inspection

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TM44 Inspection

A TM44 inspection is a legal requirement on air conditioning systems with a total cooling output of 12kW or above.  Such systems need to be regularly inspected by professionals.

Robinsons Facilities Services can perform TM44 air conditioning inspections and servicing across Yorkshire as part of a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule. We’ll ensure your system is as safe and efficient as possible and complies with the law.

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What Is a TM44 Inspection?

TM44 refers to guidance created as part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The TM44 inspection frequency is outlined in the directive. It must be carried out on an air conditioning system every five years. Its main focus is on the performance of the air conditioning system, with a particular emphasis on energy efficiency.

Do I Need a TM44 Inspection?

Landlords, employers, and building owners must have an up-to-date air conditioning inspection report or risk facing a fine. The fine for uninspected sites with air conditioning systems providing an overall output of more than 12kW is a set fee of £300. There is an additional £200 fine upon failure to provide the outstanding report within seven days of request. The TM44 inspection is a report which is widely accepted and considered to be the industry standard for air conditioning inspections.

We’ve written an article with further information on TM44 inspections and why you need them. Read the article →

A TM44 Inspection from Robinsons Facilities Services

At Robinsons Facilities Services, we have qualified and accredited engineers who are experienced in carrying out TM44 inspections on systems across all industrial and commercial sectors. We have established formal processes for carrying out these inspections.

Our standard inspection checks include:

  • Detailed inspection of refrigeration and air-moving equipment
  • Verification that the system is a suitable size for the space it covers
  • Examinations of the inside of ducts and units
  • Assessment of the condition of controls and certain smaller components

Our experience enables us to design an inspection tailored to your specific air conditioning system, which can be carried out safely and with minimum disruption to your standard operations. As the air conditioning system will need to be turned off during the inspection, many clients prefer it to be performed outside working hours. We will work with you to accommodate this request.

Our Reports and Recommendations

Upon completion of the inspection, we will provide a detailed TM44 air conditioning inspection report. 

This will include:

  • Name of the assessor (TM44 inspection companies should always have a record of this)
  • The system’s efficiency
  • Faults identified, suggested actions, and recommendations for improvement of the system
  • Equipment maintenance levels
  • Controls and settings
  • The size of the installed system relative to the cooling load

The recommended actions we leave with you are not binding but will all contribute to improved energy efficiency if implemented.

Why Choose Robinsons Facilities Services?

If you partner with Robinsons Facilities Services, we will take a professional yet cost-conscious approach to improving the energy efficiency of your system. Working together, we can:

  • Implement all recommendations
  • Discuss ways to monitor performance and measure energy savings
  • Improve energy performance within the practical limitations of your systems and operations

We provide a variety of different HVAC maintenance and air conditioning services to suit your business needs. Our accredited engineers are happy to visit your premises to carry out air conditioning repairs and inspections, including the crucial TM44 air conditioning inspection in Yorkshire.

What we offer:

  • Adaptable prices
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Qualified technicians
  • Years of experience
  • Full Yorkshire coverage

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TM44 Inspection FAQs

A TM44 inspection is a way to check the efficiency of your air conditioning and ventilation and to check for any faults. There are also important records kept by the assessor.

For commercial buildings with an air conditioning system over 12kW, owners and operators have the legal responsibility to organise regular TM44 regulations inspections. Most air conditioning systems legally require these inspections.

Current legislation states that you must get your TM44 inspection by an accredited TM44 energy assessor every five years. This applies if the cooling output is above 12kw. There is no harm in getting more regular checks.

Only an accredited energy assessor can perform a TM44 inspection on your air conditioning system. Robinsons Facilities Services has a full team of accredited energy assessors at your disposal.

TM44 inspection reports are valid for 5 years after the date of inspection. Your next inspection must take place within 5 years. After that, you may be subject to a fine of £300 for non-compliance.

The average cost of a TM44 inspection ranges from around £300 to over £1000. The cost depends on several factors, including the size, type, and complexity of the air conditioning system. For a free quote, contact our team today. 

Commercial premises without a valid TM44 inspection report are subject to a fixed fine of £300. If you don’t produce a valid TM44 inspection report within 7 days, you will face another £200 fine.

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