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Pedestrian gates, also known as turnstiles, are essential to many businesses’ security control systems. 

Not only do they regulate the flow of foot traffic and prevent unauthorised access, but they also enable you to monitor who enters and leaves your premises. This is essential for maintaining a secure and compliant business.

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We take security seriously at Robinsons Facilities Services. That’s what makes us one of the UK’s leading turnstile maintenance providers.

With over 200 years of combined experience, you’re in safe hands with our accredited turnstile engineers. 

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What are Turnstiles?

​​Turnstiles are mechanical pedestrian gates with rotating horizontal arms that allow one person to pass at a time. They’re commonly used in entry points to control pedestrian access, regulate the flow of foot traffic, and enhance security.

Turnstile gates can restrict access only to people with a pass, ticket, coin, or other method of verification or payment.

Where are Turnstile Gates Commonly Used?

Turnstile entry systems are common in a number of commercial premises. These include:

  • Public transportation hubs like bus terminals, train stations, and tube stations 
  • Sports and entertainment venues like stadiums and arenas
  • Corporate buildings and offices
  • Schools and universities 
  • Government buildings
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Shopping centres and retail shops 
  • Event spaces like concert halls and exhibition venues
  • Airport terminals 
  • Restricted areas, such as data centres, research labs, and places where sensitive information is stored

Types of Turnstiles

There are various types of turnstiles available, each catering to distinct security and operational requirements. As a result, it’s essential to do your research and choose the best solution for your unique business needs.

Here’s an overview of the most common types of turnstiles and example use cases:

Speed gates

A speed gate typically uses a swinging or sliding barrier that opens when someone inputs valid credentials. They have in-built sensors to stop multiple people passing through at the same time. This type of turnstile is sleek and modern, making it an excellent choice for corporate buildings and hotels.

Full-height turnstiles 

These pedestrian gates create a complete physical barrier, preventing people from jumping over or crawling underneath your turnstile gate. As such, full-height speed gates are an ideal solution for government buildings, data centres, or other premises requiring stringent access control.

Half-height turnstiles

Half-height turnstiles are durable and usually have three barrier arms. They allow you to track who comes in and out of your premises, making them a good choice for factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

Tripod turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles have three barrier arms that work on a rotating mechanism to restrict access. They’re compact and cost-effective compared to other solutions and allow you to control the flow of foot traffic. As a result, they’re an effective solution for public transport hubs and gyms.

Optical turnstiles

Optical turnstiles work by using infrared beams to make an invisible entry barrier. They’re modern and discreet, making them excellent options for corporate offices, retail stores, and other high-end facilities. 

Double turnstiles

Double turnstiles are two turnstiles running at the same time. The idea is to increase the amount of people that can gain access at once while maintaining strict access controls.

This is a popular solution for public venues with a lot of foot traffic, like stadiums and concert halls.

Swing gates

A swing gate has hinges that swing either inward or outward to control access to a specific area. Automatic swing gates are commonly used in residential and commercial settings to regulate foot traffic and cordon-off areas. What’s more, an electric swing gate is a simple and cost-effective security solution.

There’s a lot to consider when selecting a pedestrian turnstile gate, such as your security requirements, space limitations, level of pedestrian traffic, aesthetic preferences, and budget.

That’s why it’s always best to consult a reputable turnstile provider.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, our certified turnstile engineers can install, service, and fix various systems. We also offer expert advice to help you choose the best automatic pedestrian gates for your business.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial access control needs.

Benefits of Turnstile Entry Systems

Here are the main benefits of installing a turnstile gate instead of a security door.

Improve security 

Turnstiles offer better access control because they can limit the number of people who can enter or leave at a time. That means unauthorised people can’t sneak through or “tailgate” when another person presents their credentials. 

Some turnstile systems have advanced detection features that recognise and alert you if anyone is tailgating, loitering, or trying to force their way through. 

In addition, they can isolate the direction of traffic, ensuring that people don’t leave through the entryway or vice versa.

Integrate with existing access control systems

Turnstile barriers integrate with access control systems like CCTV and security doors. This gives you access to valuable data, such as the specific time, identity, and location of each person who enters or leaves your facility. 

That means that if an unauthorised person attempts to gain access, your alarm system can kick in, turning on nearby cameras, alerting security, and locking down exits and entryways.

Provide a flexible solution

Turnstiles allow you to use a wide selection of credentials to authorise entry. These include barcodes, biometrics, magnetic stripes, or proximity cards (RFID/NFC). As such, they reduce the workload of the staff who monitor them.

They can also operate in one or bi-directionally, giving greater control so you can tailor the system to meet your operational requirements. 

Turnstile Maintenance

It’s imperative that you properly maintain your turnstile gate. Not only will this keep your commercial property safe from intruders, but it will also extend your unit’s lifespan.

Our security experts recommend having your turnstile system serviced at least twice a year and calling a professional engineer immediately if you notice any issues.

Turnstile Maintenance Checklist

Between professional services, there are also some preventative turnstile maintenance tasks you can do to keep your system working well:

  • Inspect your turnstiles for signs of damage, especially to the pedestal enclosure and power supply units
  • Remove the pedestal side panels and clean any dust and debris
  • Check the printed circuit boats and power supplies for loose connections
  • Ensure the pedestal mounting hardware is securely in position
  • Replace any minor parts as and when needed
  • Test and record the supply voltage regularly
  • Routinely measure the belt tension or gear meshing on barriers
  • Regularly check that the turnstiles are working correctly with other access control systems
  • Call a professional turnstile repair company if you notice anything unusual (strange noises, your system running slowly, signs of damage, etc.)

Following our turnstile maintenance checklist can keep your turnstiles in proper working order between services. However, we always recommend contacting a trained professional to service your security equipment. After all, turnstile gates are a critical part of your commercial security systems.

We’re Yorkshire’s leading turnstile maintenance company, offering reliable and professional services across the UK.

Our expertise allows us to ensure your turnstile entry systems are working correctly, keeping your premises safe and secure. 

Our Turnstile Mainteance Packages

We offer several flexible turnstile maintenance packages that you can tailor to your business needs:

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) 

Our popular PPM contract gives you peace of mind that your commercial property is secure and properly maintained. We guarantee rapid response across Yorkshire (within four hours) and 24-7-365 emergency callouts. Our qualified security engineers work with you to create a personalised asset maintenance schedule.

Reactive Only Services

We’re there when you need us. If you only need our facilities management services now and then or in the case of an emergency, then our reactive-only package is the ideal choice.

24-7-365 Callout Facility

Our fast and reliable 24-7-365 callout facility means we’re there for you if there’s an emergency in your commercial property. Our certified turnstile mechanics offer rapid response times and competitive callout fees.

As one of the UK’s leading facilities management providers, we offer the option to create bespoke maintenance packages that cover a range of services. 

What to Do if Your Turnstile Access System Breaks Down

An issue with your access control system, such as a broken turnstile, can expose your property to intruders or other security risks. 

It can also grind business operations to a halt, stopping traffic flow in and out of your premises. As a result, it’s essential to get any issues fixed immediately.

Turnstile breakdown checklist

Follow this step-by-step checklist if your commercial turnstile breaks down:

  1. Assess the situation quickly to determine the extent of the damage. Is it a minor issue you can repair on-site, or do you need professional assistance?
  2. Prioritise public safety by cordoning off the affected area and redirecting foot traffic. If you believe the malfunction could pose safety risks, ensure clear signage
  3. Inform all employees or residents about the turnstile breakdown. You may also need to notify security staff, facility management, or the property manager
  4. Look for a temporary solution, such as asking a staff member to manually control the exit and entry points of the building
  5. Contact your maintenance provider if the turnstile is under a maintenance contract. Alternatively, call a local turnstile repair engineer. Schedule an emergency callout.
  6. Take pictures or videos to document the issue (this is also an important step for insurance purposes)
  7. Keep communicating with staff, residents, or customers to ensure they are aware of the situation and to direct them to alternative entry/exit points
  8. Implement crowd control measures if the breakdown is creating congestion

While breakdowns are an unfortunate part of life, there are some steps you can take to prevent them. Taking preventative measures, such as regular turnstile services, can reduce the risk of future issues. 

You could also consider having a backup turnstile system in place to minimise the impact if it breaks down again.

At Robinsons Facilities Services, we understand how a breakdown can impact your business operations. That’s why we offer fast and reliable turnstile repair services across the UK.

Has your commercial turnstile system broken down? Give us a call at  01423 226578 to organise an emergency callout from a local turnstile mechanic. 

Turnstile Installation and Repair in Yorkshire: Why Choose Us?

Finding the right turnstile provider for your commercial requirements is essential in keeping your premises secure and functional. 

We work with business owners, commercial property managers, and organisations of all sizes across the UK to help them find the best system for their needs.

Our highly-trained turnstile technicians are friendly, thorough, and professional, making us a trusted provider of turnstile maintenance services across the UK.

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Turnstile Installation and Repair FAQs

Turnstiles are a form of access control that only allows one person to pass through an entrance at a time. They serve to direct the flow of foot traffic and restrict unauthorised access. You can often see them in commercial and government premises as a first line of security.

The cost of installing a turnstile can vary widely depending on the type of turnstile system, your location, the complexity of the job, and the provider.  This could range anywhere between £1,000 and £50,000. Therefore, it’s best to contact the turnstile provider directly for an accurate quote.

The installation time will depend on how many turnstile lanes you have, the type of system, the building conditions, and the number of technicians. As a general estimate, it usually takes several hours to install a turnstile.

You will need to connect automatic pedestrian gates to a power source to ensure it operates correctly. We recommend paying a trained professional to install your turnstile entry system and ensure all the electrics are properly connected.

Generally speaking, the service life of a turnstile gate varies depending on the mechanism. It tends to range between 1 and 10 million cycles.

Turnstile gates offer a flexible and cost-effective form of access control. As well as controlling the flow of traffic, turnstiles ensure that only one person can pass through security controls at a time. In addition, systems with advanced detection features can alert you to loiterers or potential intruders.

Pedestrian gate entry systems form a major part of your security control systems. As such, finding a reliable turnstile installation provider is vital. Start with a quick Google search to find local turnstile companies. Next, look for accreditations, reviews and testimonials to gauge whether they are the right provider for your needs. Finally, reach out to request a quote or more information about their services.

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