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Water Sampling

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Water Sampling

Water sampling services can help you to ensure that the water on your business premises is legally compliant and up to standard. Whether you need to sample water for drinking and use in commercial kitchens or get a full chemical analysis of a process water system, Robinsons Facilities Services can help.

Our team of trained and experienced professionals can provide water testing in line with stringent British Standards.

Why Water Sampling is Important

Taking regular samples and going through water sample testing can help you to stay safe and compliant with health and safety regulations. Water sampling and testing can incorporate various sources, including rivers, lakes, groundwater wells, and drinking water supplies, and analyse them for a range of parameters, such as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and the presence of contaminants, such as bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals.

The primary goal of water sampling is to determine the quality of the water and assess its suitability for various purposes, such as drinking, irrigation, industrial use, and recreation. The results of water testing can also be used to identify potential sources of contamination, monitor changes in water quality over time, and ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

When sampling water in the UK, we can use a range of techniques and equipment to collect and analyse water samples, including:

  1. Grab samples: Grab samples are one-off samples collected at a specific point in time.
  2. Composite samples: Composite samples are made up of multiple water samples collected over a specified period of time and combined to provide an average representation of water quality.
  3. Continuous monitoring: Continuous monitoring systems, such as automatic samplers and sensors, can be used to collect water samples at regular intervals and provide real-time data on water quality.

In summary, water sampling and testing can help you to:

  • Comply with the water supply regulations.
  • Meet water quality standards for drinking water and food preparation.
  • Maintain water safety in your workplace.
  • Track any changes within the makeup of your water and identify potential problems such as corrosion.
  • Protect your employees, customers and the public from waterborne risks.

It is not worth taking any risks when it comes to the quality of your water.

Lab tests can check for the presence of a number of diseases within the water, and to check the condition of drinking water.

Waterborne diseases can be serious, and even fatal. Our Legionella testing helps occupiers of commercial premises to stay legally compliant with water regulations and check for potentially deadly bacteria. Legionella testing is carried out in accordance with British Standard BS 7592. Legionella is a type of bacteria that can cause Legionnaires’ disease, a serious form of pneumonia. The bacteria can grow in water systems, such as hot water tanks and cooling towers, and this makes it crucial to control

This isn’t the only potential problem with water, though.

Potential dangerous substances that can be discovered through water testing and sampling include:

  • Coliforms
  • E.coli
  • Pseudomonas species
  • Enterococci
  • Staphylococcus aureus

What Water Testing Can Show?

Water testing can show a range of water-related risks and issues, which you may be able to act upon:

Testing can help you to discover if you have any of the following issues:

  • There are high levels of bacteria in the water.
  • The water contains harmful chemicals.
  • The water is not clean enough for drinking or food preparation.
  • The water has a pH level unsuitable for its application.

Many tests can also show the chemical makeup of the water including:

  • Corrosion
  • pH
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Alkalinity
  • Chlorine presence
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Metals and heavy metals in the water

How Often Should I Test My Water?

This will depend on the water’s intended use. For example, water for drinking and food preparation should be sampled more regularly than water used for other purposes.

Your Legionella Risk Assessment will help you to determine how regularly you get your water tested for Legionella bacteria, but regularly testing the makeup of the water can also help you to stay compliant with health and safety regulations.

Robinsons Facilities Services can help you to develop a water testing schedule that meets your needs and ensure that your water is safe and compliant. Contact us today to find out more.

Can I Perform Water Testing Myself?

Some water testing companies will provide instructions on how to take the samples and allow you to send it to a lab.

We don’t recommend this in the majority of instances, as it is easy to get something wrong and take a sample that is not representative of your water supply. Our team is highly trained on taking samples which are then checked in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

How Water Testing is Carried Out

Water testing can vary slightly depending on the purpose, and what you are looking for within the water. The process may look something like this:

  1. Select Testing Parameters: Choose the specific parameters to be tested, such as pH levels, microbial content, chemical contaminants (e.g., heavy metals, toxins, or pesticides), or physical characteristics (e.g., turbidity or temperature).
  2. Sample Collection: Collecting water samples following established protocols, ensuring that samples are representative of the water source or location being tested.
  3. Preservation and Storage: Handling samples properly, preserving their integrity by using appropriate containers and storage conditions. Some tests require samples to be kept at specific temperatures.
  4. Transport Samples: If the testing is performed by an external laboratory, transport samples promptly and in accordance with any specific requirements of the lab.
  5. Laboratory Testing: Submit samples to a certified commercial water testing laboratory that can analyse the selected parameters. The laboratory will perform the tests using standard methods and equipment in line with UKAS.
  6. Analysis and Reporting: Once testing is complete, the laboratory will provide detailed results in a report. This report should include the method of analysis, the detected levels of contaminants, and an assessment of the water’s quality, and can act as a document proving your legal compliance.

How We Can Help

Robinsons Facilities Services can provide a comprehensive water sampling and testing service for your Yorkshire business.

We can provide water testing in line with British Standards. All of our water tests are carried out by UKAS accredited laboratories.

Working across all parts Yorkshire, we cover North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and offer a fast, efficient response time and thorough water sampling and management, as well as plumbing services. Contact us today for all planned, reactive maintenance or emergency call out. Call 01423 226578 or get in touch to see how Robinsons Facilities Services can help.

Water Sampling FAQs

Water sampling frequency can vary depending on your risk assessment. Your water risk assessment will tell you how often you need to test and why this frequency is required. It is higher for high-risk environments.

In most instances there is no specific law to say that you need to sample water regularly, but it can form a crucial part of your water safety and water hygiene systems and help you to mitigate risks.

There are some methods of sampling yourself but it is not always as effective and it is easy to contaminate the test in the process and get unreliable results. Professional water sampling is much more reliable.

You can have the water tested privately by a local company, such as Robinsons Facilities Services if you are in Yorkshire or the north of England. Tests must be carried out by an approved laboratory.

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