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Asbestos Surveys: Ensuring Safety in Commercial Buildings

Understanding and managing asbestos risks is crucial for commercial property safety and compliance. This video offers a concise exploration of asbestos survey processes, from detection to remediation planning. For more information, visit

Addressing the critical matter of asbestos in commercial buildings, Robinsons Facilities Services offers thorough asbestos surveys to ensure the safety and compliance of your premises. Recognised for the risks it poses, asbestos management is not just good practice but a legal requirement too.

Our detailed surveys are designed to identify the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), assess their condition, and recommend appropriate actions. We cater to the unique structure of each building, with a meticulous approach that aligns with UK safety regulations.

Asbestos, though banned for decades, lingers in many structures, hiding in plain sight. Our expert surveyors are adept at uncovering and evaluating the potential risks, providing a roadmap for safe management or removal.

With Robinsons Facilities Services, you receive an accredited team that prioritises your health and legal obligations. Contact us for a specialised asbestos survey that ensures your commercial space is safe and compliant.

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