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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services – Are They Worth It?

January 26th, 2023

Last updated: June 9th, 2023

Keeping a commercial kitchen in the best possible condition is not easy, but it is utterly essential when you are using your kitchen to serve customers and as a food preparation area for employees. It is your responsibility in a business to keep a level of cleanliness, and commercial kitchen cleaning services can help you to achieve this.

These services come in many different shapes and forms. Cleaning might be part of a facilities management contract, for instance.

Why Use Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services?

What are some of the reasons people turn to professional commercial kitchen cleaning services?

  • To avoid more serious issues. Having the peace of mind that you have had your kitchen regularly cleaned by professionals can help you to avoid things like pest problems. If your business is reliant on your kitchen, a pest problem or poor Food Hygiene Rating can be a huge issue.
  • To free up your own employees. If you have people working in your kitchen, such as chefs, they might not be best served spending a lot of time cleaning. Regular cleaning services can clean everything from your counter tops, to the fridges, and even your ventilation.
  • To prevent hazards. You need a fully functioning kitchen, avoiding hazards wherever possible, and dirt and grime can be a hazard to health. It can land you in serious trouble. A kitchen that breaches food and safety regulations can land the owner or business owner with a large fine or even time in prison.
  • To ensure a good job. Professionals know exactly what they are doing, and a reputable commercial kitchen cleaning company will be able to clean to the very highest standards. Even if you get them in quarterly or monthly to perform a deep clean, this can be a great help.

Types of Kitchen Cleaning Services

What sort of commercial kitchen cleaning services can you take advantage of?

Duct Cleaning

Kitchens need an adequate ventilation system. This is part of health and safety at work regulations. HSE’s guidelines state the following:

“Regulations require that employers provide effective and suitable ventilation in every enclosed workplace. This includes kitchens, which need ventilation to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Catering and cooking can produce significant amounts of fumes and vapours, as well as large amounts of heat. Mechanical extraction, via a canopy hood installed over the cooking appliances, can remove these fumes and vapour and discharge them to a safe location.”

Duct cleaning is a huge part of this, and it can be a difficult job to ask your employees to carry out without training. Blocked ducting can even be a fire risk. BESA TR19 specification is the industry-recognised standard for commercial kitchen ductwork cleaning and maintenance, so trained and accredited staff should work to this specification.

“Deep Cleaning”

Deep cleaning doesn’t have a specific meaning, but it is generally understood to be the sort of cleaning activities that don’t get done every day, such as getting right behind appliances and ensuring that food debris is cleaned thoroughly, reducing pest risks.

A high standard of cleanliness is always needed, but extra cleaning, sanitation, limescale treatments, and drain cleaning are all examples of deep cleaning. This can be time consuming, but a commercial cleaning company may be able to carry it out at a time when the kitchen isn’t in use, taking the hassle away.

Fridge and Freezer Cleaning

If you have a large commercial fridge or freezer, the maintenance can be a challenge. Cleaning is something you can potentially ask a commercial kitchen cleaning company to help with. Door seals, for instance, can be an area that employees in your business regularly forget about, but they need to be cleaned and checked regularly as a health and safety precaution.

Equipment Cleaning and Structural Cleaning

Though some level of cleaning should be included in your commercial kitchen’s weekly and daily cleaning routines, deep cleaning may not cover daily equipment cleaning and structural cleaning. Ceilings, walls, and hard-to-reach flooring areas fall under the structural cleaning bracket. Equipment cleaning means things like fryers, coffee machines, ovens, and anything else that will require regular deep cleaning.

Help With Managing a Commercial Kitchen

Whether you are looking to save yourself time, or gain some external expertise, managing a commercial kitchen can be easier with help from commercial kitchen cleaning services. It is often more effective, too, and a chance to make sure the kitchen is up to scratch, and that the kitchen itself is ready to help you score highly on a Food Hygiene rating.

Our experienced and accredited team can advise you with certain aspects of your cleaning, repair, and facilities management needs. Working across Yorkshire, we cover North YorkshireWest YorkshireEast Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and services including waste collection and ventilation cleaning, helping to ensure your kitchen runs at full potential at all times. Call 01423 226578 or get in touch to see how Robinsons Facilities Services can help.

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