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Types of Commercial Catering Equipment Requiring Maintenance

May 12th, 2022

Last updated: June 26th, 2024

Commercial catering equipment is not just vital for the hospitality and catering industries. There are a variety of different industries that rely on this equipment on a day-to-day basis. This means that they need to maintain the equipment and ensure it is safe. Businesses need to be compliant within the Health and Safety at Work Act, and this includes the ongoing task of keeping commercial catering equipment in good working order.

Commercial Freezers

Some examples of businesses that may use this equipment are warehouses, supermarkets, logistics companies, and commercial kitchens.

Commercial freezers can help to keep high volumes of food frozen and ensure it lasts longer. Commercial freezers may be useful for kitchens, but also supermarkets, butchers, warehouses, and may be required by a wide variety of commercial buildings.

Any issues with commercial freezers can cause a food spoilage and cost businesses a lot of money, which is one of many reasons that maintenance is required.

Commercial Refrigerators

Some examples of businesses that may require commercial refrigerators are supermarkets, food processing businesses, retail, commercial kitchens, medical centres, and staff canteens.

A commercial refrigerator may be required in a variety of different scenarios including catering businesses, or as a part of staff canteen equipment to cater for large numbers of employees or customers. Schools and colleges may also require catering equipment like fridges to handle a high volume of food.

Large commercial refrigerators have a huge number of uses, including keeping medicines cold as well as processing food, so it is crucial they are maintained to a very high standard.

Commercial Ovens and Cooking Equipment

Some examples of businesses that may use this equipment are supermarkets, food processing businesses, commercial kitchens, staff canteens, schools, and colleges.

Commercial kitchens rely on a variety of different cooking equipment including stoves and cookers. The cooking equipment forms a large part of most kitchen operations and also needs to be maintained to ensure health and safety regulations are met and that they are gas safe.

Exhaust Fans, Hoods, and Ventilation

Any business using a cooker in their commercial kitchen is required to have this type of equipment.

Ventilation is crucial in a commercial kitchen, and it helps to ensure that stale air is taken away and replaced by fresh air. It can also prevent a build-up of grease and vapour that can be harmful for your employees.

It is crucial to get your exhaust fans, hoods, and ventilation equipment properly cleaned and serviced to ensure that you are compliant with health and safety regulations, whether you are managing schools and colleges’ catering equipment or working in the hospitality and catering industry.

Of course, some other businesses and industries may have specific equipment including dishwashers, hotplates, kitchen pest control and more. All of these require adequate maintenance and servicing to ensure your kitchen is operating at its full potential, and that it remains safe.

Robinsons Facilities Services are specialists in monitoring and maintaining commercial catering equipment and service commercial buildings throughout Yorkshire. Get in touch to discuss your maintenance schedule for your commercial catering equipment.

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